Discussion (9)¬

  1. Iapetus says:

    Deep fried sugar? Really?
    No wonder he’s so messed up.

  2. Yobar23 says:

    “Spaz” is the perfect name for a deep-fried sugar snack!

  3. Dan^G says:

    Try new SPAZ energy drink! Three times the sugar, so you’re bouncing off the walls for HOURRRSSS!!! EXTREMEEE

  4. Canadian Andrew says:

    Goblin! =D
    ~stares deeply into his eyes…~

    whoa.. that poor pug has seen sights and smelled smells that no dog ever should… D=

  5. E.T. the Eccentric Type says:

    Deep-Fried Sugar: The poor man’s Victory Gin.
    I can’t tell if these people are sick Orwell.

  6. redo19 says:

    cajun llama stir fry actually sounds really good.