6 thoughts on “02.0×086”

  1. An honest conversation between a man and a woman, where intentions are stated up front, and honesty is given free rein.

    Brings tears to my eyes. I take it Moze is a sincerist?

  2. Curio’s world is seriously getting devistated in this last page. Sadder thing, I knew people that would get like this when they realized they were no longer the center of attention.

  3. I’ve known a number of people who get accused of craving to be the center of attention, myself included. I don’t think anyone who makes that accusation knows what it means. I look at Curio and see someone who’s very afraid of being alone. And probably a bit of a control freak.

    1. Yeah, sorta. More like, she sees people who have good friends and they do cool stuff, and she wants so badly to have something like that she twists herself into all kinds of odd contortions, and doesn’t understand why nobody likes having her around. It’s partly funny, partly sad, and partly infuriating.

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