Discussion (7)¬

  1. Rabbit says:

    Oh gosh Ben is totally getting his face mashed in panel 1.

    • Jenny Creed says:

      Kingpin killed a guy with that move once.

      Come to think of it Regan has more than a passing resemblance to Wilson Fisk. She could easily declare herself the Queen of Vice, she’s built like a sumo wrestler and she likes to make life more interesting for th’ good and pure. . .

  2. coldheart7 says:

    don’t make y’ queer t’ notice <–lol

  3. Cheepacheep says:

    mm MMN

  4. Emma says:

    I love that Ray is so concerned about whether or not the outlaw who invaded her friend’s apartment was hot.

  5. Jason Thorn says:

    It’s official. She’s going to hang around Ben more because this kind of stuff is going to keep happening to him.