12 thoughts on “02.0×051”

    1. No he suddenly stopped being crazy when he realized she would kick his ass.

      when it was the newer girl he was probably screaming and yelling but as soon as someone showed up who would knock his ass down a peg, he was mysteriously mute.

    1. nunucachoo,

      she’s in the distance, images and objects blur; likewise, details are omitted; that’s just proper to show the real depth of space between objects or people.

      Flannery is -scenery- in that conversation, not an active participant.

  1. That is Ben’s “ogod, please don’t let them see that I’m paying attention” face. One day, we’re going to get some insight into what sort of personal demons of his are getting their cages rattled by this conversation….

    I <3 Spike.

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