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  1. I laughed SO HARD when I noticed “GOD TORTURES CHILDREN” by, of all people, HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN, hahahahaha

    1. If you have ever read any HC Andersen you will understand that any honest anthology of his would have a title like that.

  2. lol. she was right when she said “freakshow’s about to start”. Poor Gordo though, he looks so bloody depressed. Though I wouldn’t go anywhere near him.

    1. That’s not depression. I’ve seen that expression, used to live down the road from people like that (not that bad, admittedly, but bad). That is the blank expression of someone calculating just how much they can make someone suffer before they get in trouble for it.

      1. I’d say the expression of a psychopath waiting for this person he can’t control to go away so he can continue with his business of taking what he wants.

        When I see this kind of person I start making plans to get rid of them. It might be a bad idea for him to stand around and breathe at employees in a gun store. . .

    1. I’m kind of embarassed to admit that despite owning a guinea pig, I still kind of wonder what one would taste like a la sassy cavy. I’m not proud.

      1. If you ever go to Peru, you can try it. It’s a fairly common protein there (like chicken here, I’d imagine).

      2. One of my friends’ from the Phillipines, and when said friend’s guinea pig died, his grandad fried it up and served it, and forgot to tell him til -after- they’d eaten. He was REALLY upset, but apparently it was tasty.

  3. Ca-vy, Ca-vy, give me my order, do.
    I, need, gra-vy, to go with my guinea pig skew!
    It may, seem kind, of heinous,
    (the stick, goes through, its anus)
    but it, tastes sweet,
    to eat, some meat,
    on a guin-ea kabob, or two.


  4. I gotta admit, I’ve never understood the “love letter” line. Does the parole guy WANT him to have a gun, or was that the letter that got him banned in the first place?

    1. She’s just referring to the fact that the conditions of Gordo’s parole means that he can’t have any contact or possession of anything KC sells, which does beg the question: what did this guy DO to get arrested in the first place?

  5. One thing that is a major difference from our world is that they embrace what we try to hide. Vice—sex, booze, guns, violence, death etc. Very interesting.

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