Discussion (12)¬

  1. eightheadedboy says:

    This is such a great page. It reminds me of baiting sharks from a steel cage.

  2. Boosta82 says:

    Wonder if this guy gets off (mentally) on driving these dweebs all the way to eleven….

  3. nunucachoo says:

    Wait, that guard on the right – Our right – It’s Scips bud/co-guard.

  4. Whaddawop says:

    Did someone decide to throw human excrement!?

  5. Kayna says:

    Umbrellas usually don’t work so well against bricks.

  6. Jason Thorn says:

    Jeez, ya gotta love truth in advertising.

  7. Night-Gaunt says:

    This is just so brazenly bad it’s good! spectacularly grotesque and arabesque in a decadent way that is joyous in its obscene pronouncements of new infamies to inflame the heart, pallet and sex organs.

  8. Jonboy says:

    Awesome monologue. Xenophage (Consume-Everything?) ‘Morally indefensible Fine Dining.’ There is a touch of genius in the creation of this world. ;) Probably sixth or seventh time I’m enjoying the archive.

    • xero says:

      i’m on my 3rd takes a few readings to get the vibe but i got a vibe for this series inspite of the slow start which usually tuns me off a series