Chapter Guide.

Chapter Guide.

This is a long-format comic with an ongoing storyline. It’ll make the most sense if you read it from the beginning. Click here to start with page one, or click an image to jump ahead to all the different chapters.

Chapter 1: The Great Outdoors.

Welcome to Templar, Arizona. Ben Kowalski is a recent transplant from Yakima, Washington, a writer for a local alternative paper, and a dedicated hermit. In two months in Templar, his only friendships so far have been forced upon him: The acquaintance of a kindergartener named Zoradysis, and the determined attentions of his overbearing and flamboyantly obscene neighbor, Reagan. He needs to get out more, and he’s gonna. Whether he likes it or not.

Chapter 1 Intermission: The Sincerists.

Sincerism. It’s Templar’s most annoying subculture. How can the refusal to tell even the most casual, harmless lie make a person so intolerable to be around?

Chapter 2: The Mob Goes Wild.

Curio lives in King Street, Templar’s ritziest neighborhood. So does her best friend, Tuesday. Her penthouse apartment should be enough for anyone, but young and aimless, Curio longs for the validation of the Low People, Templar’s workin’ stiffs, and the envy of her well-to-do peers in the bargain.

Meanwhile, in Riverside, the spillover from a downtown riot ends up on Ben‘s windowsill. He gets over it. Nobody else does, but there are worse things out there than being mistaken for someone interesting.

Chapter 2 Intermission: Meet the Elliotts.

Biggs and EJ, an addict and a thief, are dragged, kicking and screaming, from a Reclamation-run squat in the heart of The Oarlock, Templar’s brothel district. Suggestions of future unrest loom over the movement; for a smartass junkie fuck-up, Biggs seems to be a little too in-the-know for his own good.

Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With.

Gene‘s family are in town, and his friends get to learn all about the Jakeskin, the survivalist cult they belong to. When his friends aren’t around, however, they’ve got some strange plans for Gene.

Scipio debates life decisions with Pippi and Reagan, and has a rough day at work.

Ben visits Dr. Bash—the drunk he helped back home in the previous chapter—and meets someone new.

Chapter 3 Intermission: Little Cairo.

Sunny and Moze have a little visit with their uncle Shep.

Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day.

The Elliots run afoul of the Jakeskin—Gene‘s family—causing bad things to happen to a whole bunch of innocent street people.

Ben hangs out at Reagan‘s workplace, the “adult store” Kingdom Come.

Tuesday‘s rivalry with Nicky Collision heats up, and she finds some new ammo at Moze and Sunny‘s place.

Scipio has found out what’s up with Pippi, and neither of them handles it very well.

Chapter 4 Intermission: Employee Appreciation.

While working at Pandorea, Morgan—the amateur astronomer Ben met on the roof in Chapter 3—has an excruciating encounter of the well-meaning kind.

Chapter 5: Lit.

Biggs is at the end of his rope, and his supply.

Gene‘s family discuss some private business.

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  1. This page is all that remains of this comic. It’s probably only remains by pure accidental ov right on the part of spike herself. I just wanna say I miss this story. It bothers me I’ll never know how it ends. I used to read this on my iPod touch during 11th grade English. Back then it felt like time would last forever. But it never does does it? Just keeps marching whether your ready or not. So believe me when I say I now understand why u stopped production on a free webcomic. But as a grown ass man I’m more than willing to pay for the ending I never got to see. But Ms. Spike prolly don’t even realize this page still exists…. If anybody else misses this comic leave some thoughtful words. In remembrance of Templar, AZ.
    I promise somebody will care

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