Bonus Comics.

Bonus Comics.

Sometimes I draw a bonus comic featuring Templar characters in little stories that don’t fit anywhere into the main plot. Before anybody gets to see it, though, someone has to pay a ransom fee. Once that’s paid, the new comic goes up for everybody to read.

The “ransom model” for bonus content was originated by RPG author Greg Stolze, as far as I know. Like the supplements for REIGN, these bonus comics aren’t required reading, but nice additions. They’re things that could never happen, stuff I won’t have time to show, one-offs, vignettes, and assorted odds and ends.

Current Hostage.

None right now! Check back soon!

Donating to free Templar, Arizona bonus comics held hostage is perfect for people who want to support the comic, but don’t want my books and shirts cluttering up their houses. It’s also perfect for people burdened with too much money. Here, let me hold that for you.

Bonus Comics.

Confirmation is an all-pencil, 16-panel bonus comic. It stars Reagan . . . and Reagan. Not many people would waste time travel on going 20 years into the past and tormenting themselves. Fortunately, Reagan would.

Deal Breakers, an all-pencil, 12-panel bonus comic. It stars a big chunk of the male cast of TAZ. These guys know exactly what they DON’T want in a woman. Allow them to enlighten you.

Moms. For your approval: A random assortment of six moms, the mothers of several Templar characters. I’m not saying who belongs to each lady, though; that’s for you to figure out.

EXs: The at-turns sordid, sweet, and humiliating romantic histories of various Templar characters, laid bare by their ex-girlfriends and boyfriends. Match ’em up if you can!

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