10 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Intermission, page 18.”

  1. eeep, kid do NOT piss off Moze. He already threatened to break one persons arms, and he could probably easily break your neck

  2. Huh, as much as people seem to think the Moze’s scary when he’s mad, I just think it’s kind of sweet that he’s so concerned for Sunny. Especially when Sunny beats on him all the time. They obviously really care about each other, under all the passive-aggressiveness.

  3. Sunny’s starting to get on my nerves. He is one of this artists who sees this:

    Success = Selling Out

    Seriously, Sunny…are you so hung up on the purity of your vision? Is it so wrong to want to be moderately successful, or even hugely successful? Heck, even the Beatles thought they were being stifled when Epstein became their manager, but it turned out he knew what he was talking about and they became stars while still having creative control. Maybe you should get off your high horse and use that intellect to find a manager who’ll look out for you, Sunny.

    1. You might recall that Sunny HAS been semi-successful before, or at least had a record. Maybe his experience taught him some things he doesn’t want to live through again…

    2. I don’t think sunny sees it that way. I just think he wants the band members to worry more about going to practice and assisting meetings. What good is it to get signed if most of your crew is AWOL more than half the time? Sunny wants shit done right or not at all.

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