Chapter 5: Intermission, page 16.

Chapter 5: Intermission, page 16.

The subtle art of deciphering praise when you are a paranoid and suspicious creative.

By the way, I will be at SPX this weekend in Rockville, Maryland! I WILL HAVE POORCRAFT. Come say hi.

Discussion (21)¬

  1. Kate says:

    Poor Moze. He dragged Sunny out there to talk about what Bo said about the dangers of Gene’s family, and now all they’re back to discussing is the Crusade article.

  2. Jenny Islander says:

    Sad thing is, he’s probably right. OTOH, they could still parlay this into playing a hell of a lot of roadshows and maybe cutting an album or two on a big label, before the suits find a way to pare the other guys away from Gene and put his subsequent self-destruction on vinyl (or dump him somewhere when his family starts showing up at the studio).

  3. Hanna says:

    The angry Sunny continues to be so very entertaining.

    I’m slightly amazed there’s another page out this week, and worried that there’ll again be a flurry of updates, then several months’ hiatus. Wouldn’t one update a week be easier to manage (no pun intended)?

    • Lx Leckford says:

      I am hoping that now that Poorcraft and Smut Peddler are more or less out of the door and making their own way in the world, Spike will be freed up to to a long slug of Templar AZ. She must be perilously close to finishing the material required for Book 5, after all. :-)

      • BullCityFats says:

        Yeah, until Spike launches kickstarter for her horror anthology in ’13…

        • Jason says:

          If every hiatus ends like this, I don’t mind loading the page each day in between. Sunny could teach House some things.

          Damn, now I have House/Templar crossover fanfic in my head.

        • btoxic says:

          Spike appears to be transitioning from creator to editor. There’s not anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t do much for my hopes that we will ever see regular Templar updates again.

  4. Fafnir13 says:

    So long as the comic finishes it’s story, I don’t mind how it’s told.

  5. Jonboy says:

    I am really hopeful Templar will continue. For me it has some of the best dialogue and characters in webcomics at present. And like probably most of us I read a shameful abundance of comics, and critique plenty here and there. This is still in my top five, even with the months of unacknowledged hiatus.

    Art is awesome too, has been since day one, but I feel the writing is a few rungs above still. Superb.

  6. Beezus says:

    So, Sunny might be my favorite. Something about the super-angry/super-knowledgeable combo, I am SO ENTERTAINED.

  7. Clairikine says:

    I love the lettering on Templar.

  8. bbullock says:

    Love Sunny’s translations of the article. I can’t argue that he’s wrong, either. It sounds like the sort of thing people write to say those things.
    Can you imagine a review in a Sincerist paper, though? That would be the greatest.
    “I’m not sure how Borndown was, really. I was pretty drunk by the time they got on stage. After being horrified by Moze, I started chatting up this chick at the bar, and we staggered our way to the alley out back for a quick pash and shag.”

  9. Tyler says:

    I am so glad Spike’s back to Templar. Even with the hiatuses it’s my favorite Webcomic going. And I hope it keeps going.

    As much as I’m disappointed when other comics (like Freakangels) end, it would be sadder if things just petered out.

    Someday I hope I can say I have the Complete Templar on my shelf.

  10. bbullock says:

    So, this has nothing to do with the current story line, but reading through the archives again recently brought it to mind.
    During one of the comics involving reclamation, a few people were discussing Reclamation’s rights under adverse possession laws. Which has me wondering how it works in Arizona.
    If Templar’s Arizona works the same way as the real Arizona, then the Rec folks, without title, taxes, etc., have 10 years to wait to claim property, merely as squatters…

  11. Disgruntled_girl says:

    I gotta say – I love his break down. Proof he is thinking while he’s screaming and carrying on.

  12. Jason Thorn says:

    Nice to have you back, Spike. Let the Story commence.

  13. Xley says:

    Poor puppy. Poor, poor puppy…