29 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Intermission, page 11.”

      1. from the bit with Moze and Tuesday and the old metal record with Sunny and Nicky on it when they were teenagers, there is on the case A.D.B.’s initials on a scroll.

        which is to say, I heard it talked about in a u-stream.

      1. With those wheels and flames, I wonder if that’s a regulation chair for murderball?
        Didn’t/doesn’t Tracie play a full contact sport, diesel or whatchmacallit?
        It wouldn’t surprise me if Another Damn Brian got paralyzed playing it, or started out paralyed and took up murderball if he hangs out with diesel players.


    1. If Moze frowns while saying something, it becomes law. And not a law you can ignore like jaywalking, but a law you can’t, like gravity.

    2. I can totally see Moze throwing Sunny over one shoulder and carrying him out of there, to the amusement of the crowd and dismay of Sunny. That, or just grab him by the arm an walking back out – the more bits of Sunny that are still attached when outside, the better, but I doubt nothing short of a bulldozer can stop Moze on the move.

      Of course, him knowing Sunny so well, he just might be able to talk him out of there. Might be.

      1. Yeah I’m betting fireman’s carry out the door.

        Sunny and Tracy were pretty much made for each other weren’t they?

    1. I’m pretty sure the Black Knight would disagree with you on that (“Come back here and take what’s coming to ya! I’ll bite your legs off!”), but yeah, I get the point… :)

  1. This doesn’t paaticularly relate to the comic, but WHAT is up with the wiki? you click on, you the a cast page, fine. You hit “random Page” and you get a screed/ad for weight-loss drugs or pay-day cash loans. Wierd.

    1. Your question intrigued me, so I did a little research.

      Apparently, the TAZ wiki has been OVERWHELMINGLY invaded by ad spyders.

      Like, 3 cans of Raid isn’t good enough invaded.

      1. And, well, I made a profile to go through and clean up the mess… or, at least, to put a dent in it before my ADHD kicked in.

        However, little did I realize that the only person who can actually do so would be Spike. And given how busy Spike is…

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