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    1. I think it’s been implied that most of them would be arrested if the Templar PD had any idea they were there. Apollo at least has warrants out for his arrest.

    2. And/or it’s possible that, unless TPD is *really* bored, until they’ve committed some well-publicized crime against a “respectable” part of the city, a family of Jakeskin aren’t something they’re in the biggest hurry to chip a nail taking down. I purely speculate, mind you, that one or more of the survival adaptations common to the Jakes make them extremely inconvenient and/or costly to incarcerate.

      1. It occurs to me there might be more Jakes than police officers in the precinct at the moment. It would take some organized, orchestrated efforts to do anything about an organization where it’s assumed for every member you see, there’s fifty more nearby. With knives.

  1. Zora looks concerned and protective of her dad. This breaks my heart. It should be the other way around, but he isn’t capable, and she has no one else.

    1. The lights are also those auto-switch lights that can be set to come on at any point, like a certain time of day, or when a music video game is being played on a television.

      For instance.

  2. I see Marcus survived. But did Ben give the Unagi controller he found to Zora yet? Maybe that’s about to happen. Unless Gene’s latest trance reveals the Elliotts’ new location and they all go haring off after them.

    1. Seeing how the controller Gene holds in the first panel still has his cables all ripped out, I guess Ben hasn’t had the chance to give her a new one yet. And seeing how he seems to be opening his bag in the last panel, maybe he’s about to and will run into one of those scary ‘calling the angel’ things?

  3. So poignant!; the way Zora’s little hands are clasped over her dad’s ears; not big enough to shut out the noise, but she’s trying.

    1. Considering that Gene’s the one that wound up with Zora and that I don’t recall Zora ever even mentioning her mother who’s to say that she’s any better?

      1. Between the tribe of apocalypse cultists with knives on one side and the sorta limited legal status there’s probably not an actual court-arbitrated custody agreement deciding matters there

      2. In the “Moms” bonus comic, she looks frightened and guilt-ridden and talks about coming to get Zora as soon as she can. I think she ran for her life and is not going back for Zora until she can figure out how to do it without being stabbed.

      3. Also, to go by the comic extra on people’s moms, Zora’s is of the wet napkin of a religious nerd variety. I doubt she’d go to any legal system to get Zora, at most she’d just pray extra hard.

    2. Every character comment and allusion thus far suggests that Gene is the invested parent here, that Zora’s mother walked out purposefully.

  4. Gene is just straight bugged out! Dayyum boy, s’just a lil’ controller, get a grip, I bet things are about to turn around for ya, bruh. On a side note, I took a nap today and dreamed. In one part of my dream I was coddling and petting a chicken… oh my, this stuff has gone to my head. Thanks a lot Spike. ~ 8^}>

  5. Zora’s mom is one of the ones in the Moms bonus comic, if I recall correctly. I think the fact that she hasn’t made a move to get Zora back has largely been out of the fear of what the Jake’s would do to her.

    1. She also mentions being 14 when she got married. Chances are she was pretty young when she had Zora, maybe even 14 or 15. Not ideal circumstances to raise a child in to say the least.

        1. It’s a little joke about Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for a mess of pottage, and the implication that those who consider themselves to be Jacob’s descendants might see the entire structure of the world as a conspiracy of the Edomites (a group which I would no doubt be included in for having a reddish complexion and a job) to punish the kingdom of Jacob out of a jealousy that they may try to reclaim the birthright they were given in Esau’s bargain.

          Not that anything has connected the Jakes in Templar to wild-eyed anti-semites who cry out about “Edomite bitches” specifically, just that Jake/Jacob was too good of a biblical pun to pass on.

  6. Time does not heal.

    That was the name of an album by progressive thrash enthusiasts, Dark Angel.

    Also, I am pretty sure it’s a good title for the panel as well.

  7. Hi.
    There’s something in Gene’s face that looks weird to me. I don’t know if it is the perspective, but i think that if he’s looking down, the nose should be bigger? I don’t know what it is; maybe it’s the jaw, or the size of his head? He has the same head size of Sora’s here. I’m sorry if i’m being picky, but it looks odd to me…

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