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  1. My friend worked in the customer support of a telecommunication company (think internet access and mobile phone services), and she told me she literally had to sometimes explain to people just what said company did, instead of whatever the phoning customer thought they did. And her job was just to direct the call to the right person! XD

    Also, noticed that apparently in Templarverse Australia’s (civil?) was was a big thing. I’m wondering now who won.

    1. IIRC from posts I’ve read elsewhere, the white colonialist government is enduring a generational guerilla war. I don’t think Spike has ever established how exactly the Cold War went (and considering that there’s still a Japanese Imperial Navy, maybe it didn’t), so we can’t really tell to what extent one or both sides is being propped up by cynical superpower self-interest. (I like to imagine that Lend-Lease never happened and it’s a US-UK proxy conflict, but that’s at least a little silly.)

      A poster in that comic where the Elliots try to hock a Jake gun for drug money suggests that Tully is a bastard there – either a pro-colonial foreign leader or an white Australian dictator.

          1. Spank my what? How unseemly. Officers cut from the unblemished cloth of the immemorial Yamato aristocracy would never tolerate that much contact with the lower orders.

            No, better a stiff punch to the face. More scientific, anyway: it’s Prussian!

  2. Not sure who this girl is but she looks like what would happen if you mixed 2 Parts Reagan and 1 part Zora.

  3. This girl seems..like I should.. recognize her.
    But I don’t.

    But I love the Reagan-Zora-recipe for her, it really fits.

      1. More specifically, it’s called a Port Wine Stain. I have a friend with a very similar one on her face. Personally, I think it’s hot.

      2. My first thought was that she got hit with some of the riot paint and just never bothered to take it off.
        But port wine stain seems most likely.

    1. It’s probably a port wine stain, considering she had it waaaaay back when she was first introduced. Also, it really doesn’t look swollen like a black eye.

      Anyways EEEE! I’ve been waiting for her to have a speaking part. And the Australia poster oh my god! That is some grade-A poverty porn.

      Now that my fangirling’s out of the way, I wanna point out that there might be a continuity error on this page. Her pigtails suddenly end up behind her shoulders in panel 2.

  4. I LOVE Patti’s top. I love the way you draw outfits in general, what do you use for references, you character designs, even for extras are just so interesting.

  5. I’m seriously considering writing a copy book… It sounds like an amazing idea, and I could write about something I don’t particular care about getting stolen.

    1. I’m pretty sure the concept of “copybooks” is borrowed from the real-world concept of “zines” – and I definitely support the creation of more of those.

  6. Gosh that poster about Australia sure is a nice callback. I WONDER WHAT BRILLIANT PERSON SUGGESTED THAT TO YOU?!?!?!!

  7. Considering that she’s got the same eye shape, nose shape, eyebrows, and bangs as Ben, she might be a long-lost relative.

  8. Me, I’m hoping we hear something outta the other one. There’s always something interesting about girls who find innovative ways to be effectively bald, even if it’s just ancient baldy secrets.

    And even if I’m misgendering, still: neat hair.

    1. I’m thinking the other one’s a dude, but I’m not bothered either way. I will be SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED however, if that hair tuft is not red. Naturally red anyway. (I will imagine it is forever.)

  9. There’s a fairly famous NZ rugby player who has (had?) that haircut, although I think his forehead fluff was shorter.

  10. I don’t know about you, but when I read her bubbles the only voice that comes to mind is Janice from Ghostbusters.

  11. Ohhhhh, the mostly bald girl (maybe a guy) is holding the phone cradle. I guess she works there and is letting this other girl do this cuz he’s not allowed.

    Also, the eyes on that poster are just ridiculous.

  12. Awesome as usual. I love that we’ve seen Patti before. And I love that she gives me a Reagan vibe. You’re wonderful at drawing characters’ bodies, I don’t feel like I’m looking at the same box-and-ovals (the difference between female and male box-and-ovals being two additional ovals) all the time.

    Also – gesturing, leaning, etc. Not easy as pie to draw, but you’ve got it down. Just love this page!

  13. … come to think of it, I don’t actually know what a copybook is. Hmm. There’s plenty of context, but … well I guess I’m slow.

    1. I agree with Nic, in an earlier comment, I think copybooks are equivalent to our world ‘zines. Home (or copyshop) printed, free (or donation sometimes,) little magazines about…whatever. I’ve seen poem collections, autobiographical cartoons, political rants…my favorite is still the “smexy” (spelling is the authors) recipes one. Homemade lubes, desserts, sauces, toys etc. Made me giggle all the way to work on a really bad day, then giggle more as I left it in the magazine pile at my doctors, later.

      Unfortunately I haven’t seen any in quite a while. Seems to be quite an industry, in Templar Universe, though. Yet another reason to wish I lived there, as if I needed more. ;p @ Spike.

        1. The “blogs killed The Zine” idea has come up now and then, but there’s still a huge zine community in some places – especially among punks, artists, and folks on the radical left side of the political spectrum. But I think just a lot of people have never considered the idea that they could easily write and print out a tiny little book, at home, and put it into circulation. Some independent bookstores even stock zines, and there are a ton of mail-order zine distribution stores if you look for ’em.

          Personally, I love actual print zines. All the weird and interesting personal thoughts and ideas and creativity that go into them, and the fact that you can hold it in your hand and read it, is amazing to me – and they’re all totally unique in a way that no customized WordPress CSS theme can match. I’ve got a little zine library hanging up on my wall, and I’m working on a zine or two myself.

          1. Ha! Now I want to write a blog to encourage people to write ‘zines. Call it “Print this Blog” or some such. *giggles*

          2. Oh I didn’t say that Zines are dead, just that blogging seems to have given a large chunk of former Zine publishers a cheaper and lazier outlet. ArtZines are alive and well, but I don’t see nearly as many crazy nutso political / ufo / bigfoot tracts as I used to before the blogosphere.

            Wish I could say the same for Chick Tracts.

      1. Aha, well, I do understand the zine scene and it makes perfect sense that a copybook is like a zine. I suspect it’s not *exactly* like our-world zines, because that would be unTemplarist. ;)

  14. Spike.
    Spike, I’m going to be blunt. Please bear with me.
    This girl is the embodiment of your twitter feed, isn’t she?
    ‘Cause I totes can imagine everything she’s said so far as being a tweet coming from you.

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