FAN ART SATURDAY. Moze and Merytre!


Moze and Merytre, by batneko
Moze and Merytre, by batneko

World’s most adorable adult-to-child marriage, as rendered by batneko. Thutmose Shen (Moze, to his friends) and his intended, Merytre, who, despite what is being depicted, he has never met.

Long engagement for these two. About eleven years, so far.

I command you: Check out batneko’s Deviant Art. (o_o)-b

4 thoughts on “FAN ART SATURDAY. Moze and Merytre!”

    1. Not really. As jamal says it shows him treating her like a little sister which, I predict is exactly how he would treat her if she got shipped over. He’s already been offered the pick of his fourteen year old cousins by his uncle? grandfather? and turned them down so it’s unlikely he’d do anything with the even younger Merytre

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