28 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 63.”

  1. Blunt, yes…but with a hint of sympathy and some wisdom. I mean look at her she’s gone beyond her normal boisterous self and is trying to help.

    1. Which is a surprise….exactly WHEN have we ever seen this before (leading the new guy around the city doesn’t count ;) )?

  2. I have to wonder, in Templar, would the police REALLY care if an underage girl (especially one with a long rap sheet) was saying some guy made her suck his dick to be able to crash at his place?

  3. I suspect that accusations would cause professional problems for Scip, even if no one could be arsed to actually prosecute it.

  4. Doesn’t even matter if it was proven that he didn’t do it; Pippi can perform one serious act of character assassination if she feels like it…and she does, if what Reagan is saying is true. One could always hope that it’s Ray just being an alarmist.

    And the problem is, Pippi is too broken to give a damn. Makes you wonder what part of it is worse, what her previous foster and real parents did to her to make her so screwed up, or her own brain for making things even worse. Either way, this is one serious train wreck and the damage may go one for WEEKS.

  5. While Pippi is a problem, and Ray being all sincere is nice, I think we are overlooking the fact that SCIP JUST CURSED! How often does that happen?!?!

  6. Oh God. Someone needs to kill Pippi and fast. This panel is basically my middle school home life summed up.

  7. At least Scip would probably do all right in jail, for the same reasons he does all right as a bodyguard. At least in terms of physical damage–no healing those emotional scars. Poor boy.

  8. Man, I don’t recall ever seeing Scipio this mad. And I’ve known him since … since … since Spike started drawing him! ;)

  9. Aw man Ray just gets more and more awesome.
    Also, HOLY CRAP that spells trouble for Scip. I have a big problem with the girls/women/anyone who lie about being assaulted, raped, coerced or whatever–not just because they’re lying, but if/when they are proven to be lying, it makes it easier for some asshole to say to a real victim, “Eh, you’re probably making it up.”
    Pippi is definitely a wackbag. I’ve known a couple people who had right and wrong pretty blurred in their minds. It ain’t pretty.

  10. I have to say that I’ve seen this page a couple times today in my reader and every time I stop and give it a good look. Visually it flows so well. The composition between the figures, all the great curves on Reagan, the hair, the expressions, and the dialogue bubbles. You really feel the push and pull of the argument in the composition too. Fantastic job, Spike.

      1. It’s more in reference to her being raped by her mom’s boyfriend.

        If she wasn’t actually raped… well, let’s say the story worked for her once.

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