Chapter 5: Lit, page 53.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 53.

Wow dude you are just FULL of surprises today.

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  1. Twitching says:

    Ahahaha, I love Tuesday’s face: clearly not as jaded as she pretends to be.

  2. VoodooDoll says:

    Goddamn I love that fat dude.

  3. pinglederry says:

    Is it a picture of, like, a five-year-old that they’ve chosen to marry him someday?

  4. MOUSEY says:


  5. EverEvie says:

    I’m having flashbacks to my grandfather’s stories about getting out of northern Ireland in the ’20s. Just horrible, horrible things, but the story’s told with a smile because of the one ridiculous thing that happens at the end.

  6. EatBooks says:


  7. omega7788 says:

    Mose reminds me so incredibly much of my boyfriend. I love it.

    • crinury says:

      Of mine too, it’s amazing. I was wondering if it counts as bragging. :P
      Thank god people like Moze do exist, they make life infinitely better.

  8. Sv. Rogue says:

    I just laughed for a minute straight at the last panel!

  9. Boumama says:

    Frickin Mose…gotta love a guy with THAT much damn sunshine in him…he actually reminds me of someone…and that IS a good thing.

  10. Tod Stiles, Industrial Corporealist says:

    Man, Tuesday, you are just looking squarer and squarer. I thought you were hip, baby.

  11. Geigernaut says:

    Oh damn! I love Mose! He is by far my favourite character in a cast that is captivating and diverse and brilliantly funny. He rolls through life like a happy, hungry, horny deity and I love him for it.

    • Synfony says:

      That’s exactly how i see him — like some sort of weirdass buddha of hedonism and contentment.

      • Tudore says:

        I think the word you’re looking for is “Bacchus” or possible “Dionysus.” If Moze had a holiday, it would involve belts being banned by the government because they were an impediment to random orgies.

    • Harrowed says:

      Holy crap, thank you! I was thinking the same thing but could not verbalize it.

  12. Ivan the Terrible Poster says:

    He really is the best

  13. sushijones says:

    All that, and he’s got a dick like a beer can, too.

    • Na No Da says:

      That exactly what I think about every time I see him. I smile ’cause I enjoy him, then shiver from that image. Makes me want to know what that would look like o.O;

  14. J.C. says:

    Cripes, Mose!

    My initial reaction was “…Wat?”, then I laughed at Tuesday’s reaction. I love how he’s just so casual about all this.

  15. Christopher says:

    I bet his wife is already chillin’ with Osiris.

  16. Mary says:

    And now I have just coughed awkwardly and burst into hysterical laughter. I can’t even go “*GASP*” about Moze cheating on his wife because at this point, messed-up is par for the course.
    Personally, I am holding out a little bitty hope that his “wife” is a buttplug. His logic for this will be that she died, then she got reincarnated. As a buttplug. Because really, that is a choice family story that would be shared down many generations of oddly hairy grandchildren.

    …Yeah, I’m going to go get some of that nice sleep stuff now.

  17. Malex says:

    I read that as “failed CARNIVAL mayhem.”

    But yeah, the real way works too.

  18. Hanna says:

    I’m thinking the wife be dead – would make sense since they apparently walked into a mausoleum. Or else it’s one of the cousins he referred to earlier on; someone his family would want him to marry to produce proper Nile children.

  19. Dreaming Pixel says:

    For most of this strip I was thinking “Come on Tuesday, it’s not worth getting uppity about, quit freaking.”
    Then Moze drops the wife bomb.
    I can’t wait to see where this is going!

  20. norm says:

    I’m really enjoying seeing Tuesday so thoroughly taken aback.

  21. vitupera says:

    Ok, I’ll be the first to say I want to hear the story of Shep in a dress, I ain’t proud. (Though yeah, Tuesday’s last face is hilarious too.)

    • soof says:

      at least Shep is not bound by the Abrahamic books, which condemn men who use dresses. I guess Moze is smiling because the many awkward things that happened to uncle Shep during his Journey to America….

  22. Harrowed says:

    Man oh man, Tuesday’s face is just awesome. Seriously put her back. Go Mose, I love you bro.

  23. AlmostLiterally says:

    I’m starting to love Tuesday more and more.

  24. Longtail says:

    HA HA HA! I see that “SEE” his wife not “MEET” his wife. I’m really hoping it’s a mummy, because I want to see how much further we can tweak poor Tuesday. XD

  25. camille-martine says:

    mose is my hero

  26. Gunnr says:

    They’ve got quite the little enclave going there. . .

  27. WhoTookThatty says:

    Cue Fleshlight.

  28. ThunderGun says:

    Dear god, Tuesday, eat something!

  29. Jenny Islander says:

    I wonder if Tuesday will ever realize that she may think she is a provocative philosopher but she is really Privilege Girl. Mose might force her to realize it simply by existing. Or he might decide, “What the hell, I’ve never tried this before–let’s try giving her the Privilege 101 spiel.”

  30. cyanmanta says:

    Moze doesn’t really surprise me much in this chapter, but now Tuesday is starting to baffle me. What ever happened to the Tuesday who could go to bloodsport venues and walk out early because she was bored? What happened to the Tuesday who danced naked on the internet like it was nothing at all; the one who dismissed everyone who disagreed with her with nothing but a sardonic word or two? Perhaps Curio isn’t really the phony one after all…

  31. sophistre says:

    Lovable, easy-going, mellow oaf, or sly joker with the ability to still be tickled by the way he shocks people?

    I like to think it’s ‘both’.

  32. EeyoreTheClown says:

    Aww, poor Tuesday, is your little slumming adventure making you uncomfortable?

  33. 10dancy says:

    I definitely believe that Moze loves it when people are all rattled up. And that’s what he loves about Shep and Sunny’s company. Coming from a person who tends to keep a level head and who typically doesn’t care when everything goes to hell… a little part of me can’t help but revel in the anarchy that ensues when other people are making a huge deal about things that I find trivial. Such as money, relationships, possessions and beliefs.
    But in my case it comes off as a lot less charming than Moze somehow manages.

  34. bbullock says:

    Given Moze’s propensity for music-related ephemera, I presume “We Hunt Kings” is a band of some sort. And I really, really wish I was musical so I could start a band called “We Hunt Kings.”