Chapter 5: Lit, page 29.

Oh great, you got him started.

By the by, I have TWO (sorta) bonus comics ready to be ransomed in the Bonus Comics section.

The first is “Exs,” character studies of six ex-boy/girlfriends of TAZ characters. The second is actually a reposting, partially; “Templar Moms.” A while back, I drew four or so mothers of TAZ characters, also character studies. I’ve draw two more, which you don’t get to see until the ransom is paid.

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33 thoughts on “Chapter 5: Lit, page 29.”

  1. Though the aggressive, communist nature of Reclamation worries me, I’ve really been liking ol Barnie here more and more. This page seals it; amidst the crooked ploys for publicity and funding, he’s got his sights set firmly on what matters most, the honest, good-natured goal of Rec.

    1. You know what they say about good intentions, though. And yes, that applies to even those who have the purest of hearts and minds and methods.

      1. The problem with groups like Reclamation is that they start out with people like Barnabas and wind up full of people like Dinah. Barnabas cares about reclamation; Dinah cares about Reclamation.

  2. Barney John in the reclaimed / remodeled HOUSE !!
    THAT is what I like to see! A true leader… proud of what has been done … sights set on highly improbable. The righteous indignation bus has left the station ,ladies and gents !! Get him mad nuff that bespectacled, paunchy, buck-toothed one-armed SOB will will tear down that whorehouse with his bare hand … then rebuild it outta scrap!

  3. This is just making me more and more worried about what kind of skeletons Barney has in his closet. After all, Biggs did mention he did time, and this IS Templar. Nobody’s that perfect, especially not in this comic.

    1. This exactly – for all his noble intentions, Barney wouldn’t be at center stage if his past wasn’t coming up to bite him in the ass. I can’t wait!

      1. Screw the past, it’s the present that’s about to kick Barney’ ass. Biggs layed it out alongside his prison rant: The Reccers are about to butt heads with some of the most powerful people in Templar, and they simply don’t have the political muscle for this fight. That’s the twist here: Dinah’s right. All the sleazy, cynical PR bullshit Barney wants to avoid is EXACTLY what he needs to be doing if he’s going to keep Reclamation moving forward.

  4. I don’t entirely agree with him, but he’s doing a good thing. And he’s not going to stoop just so he can get and EASY ride.

    He’s gonna build them homes with his blood and sweat and honest labor!
    Good for him.

  5. man, i glad i hit the most recent update when i did. its like 2am and i need to get to bed >.<

    also: Fantastic comic! =D

  6. The look on Numbers’ face really worries me. Like really, really worries me. The only reason we like Barnabas is that his ideals are considered socially benevolent. I’ll admire his conviction, but I’ll do it from all the way over here.

    1. Now that you mention it…

      Nah! I’m not convinced that Numbers was a zealot in a previous life. Inspiration and Extremism go hand in hand, but they’re far, far apart.

  7. To me Numbers’ expression in the last panel says “Now THAT’s the guy I know, and THOSE are the ideals I wanna follow!”

  8. For a moment of burning cynicism, what if this is another show? A piece of impromptu theatre to reinforce Barney’s “man of the people” cred among his own people, in the face of his celebrity and public appearances?

    Loudly refusing to play the race card could be a very sly way of playing the race card…

      1. Storming away from the table in indignation is sometimes the best way to win the game…

        Especially if you don’t have any cards!

  9. I really like Reclamations goals, and using vacant/derelict property to house is certainly cool with me(wish there was a real movement like that rather than the usual squatter punks). And Barney’s rant is awesome. He really doesn’t like that Rec is getting a posterboy, and it’s him; it should be about housing people, not specific person.

    But I think Dinah is about to drop some reality on him. Rec NEEDS publicity, support and to be viewed with legitimacy. As Elliot’s rant showed and Nicky confirmed, the Brothels are lawyerin’ up. And if they lose the initial case then other property owners can kick Rec out.

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