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  1. The intercession comic that I re-read the other day reminds me that Reclamation is familiar with EJ’s destructive habits.

    So I’m scared to ask, did he do this? Was this his idea of how to make money? Or did he just kinda spaz out after a few ‘customers’?

    1. Yeah, he did. It’s the same place he tore up in the intermission comic, but apparently one of the Rec’ers went crying to Barnie about it. This is just showing the fallout and Barnie’s reaction. EJ is somewhere else and probably hasn’t gone back to the Circassian since he left with Biggs.

  2. I think I’ve made the same face as Barnie John there at many points in my life. Just, y’know, without the buckteeth and itty bitty eyes. Other than that, pretty much the same.
    Also, loving that picture on the wall. The one with the bush. Too bad EJ apparently tore a hole in it, the little prick. EJ I am trying very hard to like you, but you make it so hard when you deface imaginary things I like.

    1. Yeah, I think I made that facial expression when I found that one of my ex-roommates had managed to melt a kettle on our stove while trying to boil some water.

          1. i once had a roommate who would manage to burn cooked eggs.The pot would have a black, burnt bottom. Since then, everything seems possible.

  3. Actual update time on the website now? I look forward to it!

    Barney and the Reclamationists remind me of the Industrial Workers of the World. Only better organized.

  4. There’s something weird going on with the perspective here. The first time I looked at it, I thought the charred board in the center of the room was like a fault line where the floor had split – one half of the room looks somehow higher than the other half. Its probably just me (I may need a new prescription for my spectacles).

      1. No no, I had the same impression! It must be a beam. Probably. A bit of cast shadow would clear up this controversy. -nudges Spike-

        1. Yeah, it’s the same angle as the floor, so it looks like it’s part of it until you get to the tip. The fact that the texture is hard to interpret doesn’t help.

          Gotta love the decor, though…

  5. Ohhhh! Yeah, okay. I remember this place, now. I had to re-read the Chapter 2 Intermission.

    Man, this comic is so awesome, it needs a book of cliff notes as thick as an actual book.

    I wonder if Biggs is right and Barney’s gonna get in trouble for reclaiming this joint.

  6. Oh my god. I have to love you forever now because you just quoted one of the catchiest songs in the world and one of the worst songs to have stuck in your head when mentoring a group of nine to thirteen year old girls.
    I’m also so happy to see that the comic is MWF again. I have missed you.

  7. Wow, it took me the longest time to realize that “Alt. History Comics” is a slogan and that the current page is a scene change. I thought you’d be posting intermission-like pages on MWFs and regular comics on TRs (leave it alone, I never got over college).

    1. I bet you it’d be really smug if it were capable of conveying such a thing.
      “All you bitches got fucked UP! Haha, I really showed that EJ guy, didn’t I? He was all settin’ everything on fire n’ shit then he saw ME sittin’ on the floor and he was like, ‘WHOA NO WAY’. Yeah, y’can start writing songs about all my heroics anytime now.”
      The rest of the furniture really hates that lamp.

  8. … I had a gym teacher in middle school who looked almost exactly like Barney. She was a nice lady.

    I actually really like that we got to see the black-and-white version of this comic before Spike added tones. It was an interesting comparison, because the tones really do make all the difference. In the black-and-white, I was staring at that boobs-and-bush painting trying to figure out what horrible fetish that weird shape on her belly could be depicting. Turns out the painting is just slashed. Thank goodness.

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