Chapter 5: Lit, page 1.

Chapter 5: Lit, page 1.

I sure draw a lot of toilets in this comic.

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Discussion (45)¬

  1. ABYSchan says:

    Do I wanna know what’s dripping off of EJ’s chin, in context of the previous page?

  2. Furious Sterling says:

    So I’m guessing that the profile on that pay toilet is supposed to be the goddess Cloacina? Or am I way off base?

  3. Dean says:

    ‘Self cleaning’. I picture firehose nozzles popping out of the walls every 30 minutes and and just dousing the place with bleach. Or lye.

  4. Bendable says:


  5. Thatty says:


    • Christoph says:

      I was thinking that perhaps the window on the front went opaque if you took too long in there. Then you’re REALLY broadcasting the fact that you’re taking a thirty minute shit.

      • Hanna says:

        Oh gods, I didn’t even think of that… I thought maybe it was a TV screen to show commercials at, to make more revenue. But your thought sounds horrifyingly possible… :-x

    • Lady Malchav says:

      They have ones made of one-sided glass, so you can see out, but no one can see in. I don’t think that makes it any better, but, hey, it exists.

  6. Kat says:

    I think that he thinks that Biggs is waiting outside his shitter.

    I think that Biggs is not.

    • sisterscientist says:

      They’re probably both in there, taking turns bathing at the sink because, really, pay toilets are stupid and I doubt Biggs or EJ would mind sharing if it saves money.

  7. frankwolftown says:

    Even the bathrooms in Templar are crazy. That tells you something about this town.

  8. maria says:

    So toilets like these exist in the world? That’s interesting. Does anyone know where at?

    Also. Ok. This might be really dumb but…I don’t know that I get the Arecibo shirt. Could someone break it down for me. Like I’m a five year old -_- ?

    Mostly it’s that I don’t know what I’m looking at on the computer paper (do I atleast have that right? It’s supposed to be like a printout, yeah?). Looks like computerized hieroglyphics but I dunno…

    • alissa says:

      Saw pay toilets similar to this in Ireland. Like more permanent port-a-potties but self-cleaning. They put them in touristy areas so visitors don’t wander into all the fine restaurants/hotels just to take a dump.

    • Furious Sterling says:

      The one shown here looks like ones from England, but I don’t know if they charge for them there; only time I had to pay to use one was in Italy, and that was a train station bathroom.

      The Arecibo shirt refers to this. The computer graphics back in 1974 weren’t that great, so you’re kind of right about them being hieroglyphics.

      • maria says:

        And the design’s awesomeness makes itself known to me.

        Thanks so much FS :) ! Oh god, lol. I was staring at the shirt before going “K. So I see the little guy and the butterfly standing on top of the giant M but why are we meant to ‘holla’ at them? Is this a Nile thing? Wut?”

      • smirkette says:

        Thanks so much for posting that–I knew I was missing something pithy. It’s always nice to become slightly less clueless.

      • maria says:

        Huh. What a shame. It could be such a good idea, but I’m not surprised that’s what it’s being used for either. Although I don’t understand why the number of cases of found human excrement has gone up AFTER the fact. That’s weird.

    • climbsquickly says:

      They have them in San Francisco. It seems like a west coast idea. They set them up in SF, so the homeless would have bathrooms to use, but not be able to stay in overnight. Thoughtful and cynical at the same time. Expensive, government-sponsored, half-measures for the win. Pragmatism uber alles, I guess.
      Hey, that sounds like a Templar movement, or political party!

    • Cute Bruiser says:

      We have at least one here in Vancouver (Canada).

    • smirkette says:

      They have these in downtown San Francisco, too. In the touristy areas, yes, to keep them out of hotels and restaurant facilities, not entirely. It was to keep the crazy-high number of homeless people & junkies out…although I heard a rumor that one of ‘em got hijacked and a guy moved in.

      But seriously, you don’t want to use the SF Main Library’s bathrooms…bad things happen there.

  9. klutz says:


    they generally use toilets like this in europe, i know i’ve used them in italy at least.

  10. Kimmeh says:

    It looks like a public toilet.. but then again, with the mention of the 20 min cycle, does it also have a shower? If not, then I think the kid just gave himself a bath from the water from the sink.

    And public toilets similar to this do exist. I remember seeing some on TV. Some even have one-way mirrors, so you sit there and see everyone walking by. :D

  11. Orinocou says:

    I really like how Spike does the flora in templar. Like that cactus in the first panel. Oh, cactus!

  12. Salvar says:

    I’m gonna guess that the window on the side is for the use of the Sincerists… much to the dismay of everyone else. :P

  13. Pearle says:

    I ALWAYS support my whores. I’m a bottom.

    • Hanna says:

      Thanks a lot, my brother’s visiting and now he’s wondering what the hell I’m laughing my head off at! XD XD XD

  14. Nate says:

    I don’t think that’s a window; it looks like it’s a movie poster or something. See the little squares in it?
    You sick buncha perverts.

    • Rue says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you about it likely being a poster rather than a window. I’d guess it’s probably another of those “social hygiene – we’re trying to have a civilization here” ones. But more specific to toilet habits.

  15. Hanna says:

    Public lavatory, homeless EJ taking a sponge bath… I hope. Really, really hope.

  16. maritza says:

    Yeah, I think it’s water. They’re probably going to take off the crust of dirt so they can do the “job”.

  17. ophelein says:

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  18. ophelein says:

    My friend is a douche-bag. Apologies.