Bonus Stuff: Templar Moms.

Hi, guys.

In case you don’t follow my Twitter (Why don’t you, I’m pretty awesome), Templar pages are kinda on hold for the next week or so while I get Trouble Every Day into its prettiest dress and down to the printer.

The pre-order for TAZ’s first book literally took less than a week to hit goal. That’s the fastest this thing I do has ever gone, ever. And as a way of saying OMGTHX, I’m doing you guys a free bonus comic. It’s a series of portraits (and a little insightful commentary) of some mothers of a few Templar, Arizona characters. For now, you can find them here.

Mom #1.
Mom #2.
Mom #3.
Mom #4.

There are more coming. When I finish ’em, they’ll go on the Bonus Comic page with the other two. Just my way of high-fiving you guys for being so great.

Thanks again. Watch this space!

Chapter 5: Lit, page 1.

I sure draw a lot of toilets in this comic.

In case you haven’t heard, the print edition of book 4 of TAZ, Trouble Every Day, is now taking pre-orders. Some of the incentives offered for grabbing the book early include sketches, reduced prices, and best of all, an exclusive t-shirt featuring the Arecibo message Morgan was sporting in the last Intermission. You can order the stuff here! Please do so, if you are so inclined.