41 thoughts on “Intermission: Employee Appreciation, page 1”

    1. Strange, you never struck me as the ‘sqee’-ing type. I will, however, add a “whee!” to your sounds of glee.

      Man, that’s a lotta e’s.

  1. Morgan, the cutest girl in a webcomic ever, looks slightly deranged in that drawing. I’ll take it as an intentional drawing, whereby you show how anyone can look strange on their ID picture (man, who ain’t been there?). Now, excuse me while I swoon in anticipation of the next strips.

  2. I wasn’t expecting much when I tried this comic, and I was right not to. What a pile of mediocre crap. I couldn’t read more than a few pages, painfully plain pages. Can’t say much about the story since the art isn’t interesting enough to keep me looking, but I’m sure it’s as dull as everything else. You also don’t seem to know much about anatomy. How about hitting a book or two? You might learn something.

  3. well since you have your gaia profile comments disabled, i thought id leave you a nice little comment here. arent you a bit too old to be that dumb and bitter? you should follow the advice of your own signature. stop posting. both on gaia and for this wretched thing you call a webcomic. if youre supposed to be a professional i fear for todays comic industry. you may now proceed to pretend no one ever posted this comment by deleting it. woohooo!

  4. Ahaha! Butthurt Gaia children attempt to wreak Internet vengeance . . . and, unsurprisingly, succeed only in showing everyone their shameful failure at all things.

    SpikephorU – Man, most people people who look at Spike’s work in hopes of finding there some slim defense against her criticisms don’t actually stoop so low as to actually pretend it isn’t good. I bet you’re trying extra hard to convince yourself, huh?

    Julien – This post is the best, because it fails profoundly on two levels. First, technically: You tried to link to goatse, and somehow fucked up that most basic of tasks. Second–and more interestingly–it fails conceptually. Can even your tiny Gaia kiddy mind believe that Spike (or, really, anyone over the age of 12) would be shocked or wounded by GOATSE, of all things? You are fighting a fire by shining flashlights into it.

    Lard – The genius who gave away the game. It’s good to know Gaia has been enjoying our attentions so much. I’m on there as GreatLemur, myself. Will any of you Internet warriors dare to say who you are? Just kidding; I wouldn’t remember you anyway.

  5. That was actual trolling? I thought it was just…extreme sarcasm.

    I’m going to keep pretending that it is sarcasm. It makes me feel better about humanity.

  6. That was actual, real-life trolling. They didn’t even pile their sudden wave-of-hate posts onto different comics to spread it out. Instead, they gave away the fact that it’s a personal attack, not one on the comic itself.

    God. Don’t kids have like, school or something? Something productive to do? Like jumping off a cliff? That would be productive on a societal level.

    1. Anyone who says Spike needs to work on her anatomy has probably never seen another human outside of a Liefeld comic.

  7. The best part is that in the entire archive up to this date, there are – LITERALLY – zero (that is: 0) comments that reflect negatively upon Spike’s work. I know this because I’ve spent most of this day reading from day 1.
    Then, somehow, there’s a bunch, all on the same day’s post.
    Pure, genius-level trolling.

  8. Well this is quite familiar even to the bar code. Now when they were working on what to use to scan in the 1960’s they were experimenting with either bars or dots and IR or UV. We got the IR and bars.

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