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  1. I don’t know who’s gonna be more angry, Bash when he realizes his stuff is gone or the Elliots when they realize they just stole a bunch of scary medical molds.

    On the up side, Bash’ll get his coat back!

  2. You have no idea how many dumpsters I’ve picked through. Once, I spent an hour in the one at work looking for a customer’s glasses, only to find that no, they’d left them in the car.

  3. Totally Bash. I’m guessing a card or maybe something in the pocket (since we all know Ben returned his wallet…he did return it right or did he return just cards/money?) Biggs probably staked out the place to see where the coat came from, and now knows it’s full of stuff. Exciting!

  4. Also, Biggs, as we have seen in the past, is a remarkably well-informed dude. I think he’d recognize an expensive jacket vs. a 10 dollar waiter wrap.

  5. Also, nice way to get all the characters in one place. Oh wait, Gene’s family is still staying upstairs you say? Scipio still fighting with his ward? Oh my this will not go well AT ALL.

    Can;t wait.

  6. Bash isn’t like the rest of the cast, he’s not just maladjusted crazy – he’s violently psycho crazy. I don’t think this will end well for Biggs, and that Jake gun gets more and more Chekovian with each appearance.

  7. Jeezus. Here’s how I see this playing out:

    1. Elliot & Elliot think they make a clean getaway, but are spotted by the Jakes slipping out and are followed.
    2. Biggs accidentally leaves the coat behind.
    3. Bash finds his stuff missing, suspects Benjamin and his predatory homosexual crew.
    4. Shit hits fan.
    5. Reagan giggles incessantly on the sidelines and makes a few snarky comments.
    6. Ben gets increasingly uncomfortable.
    7. Scipio frets neurotically.
    8. Bill and the Cook family save the day.

    1. “8. Bill and the Cook family save the day.”

      Okay… I recognize all the words there as English, but they’re… put together all WRONG.

      1. Yeah, I can’t see the Cooks being used as a random plot device.
        Regardless, I’d like to see the Cooks make an appearance again.
        Templar needs another good protest for them to tear up.

  8. I can think of 3 people off the top of my head who would go dumpster diving for me, and that’s not even counting my family. And I wonder if they know of Dr. Bash’s new address… the ex-wife & daughter combo sounded downright dangerous to deal with. I hope EJ gets his ass kicked by some irate female… ;-P

  9. I’m not sure if the address is for the apartment, or his house that he no longer lives in. Anyone know if it specifies somewhere?

    1. I seem to recall Ben giving the location of his building to the Cook guy, and including in his summation the words “Skinner’ and “Riverside”. I’m assuming that’s the place.

  10. I get the feeling Elliot feels rather guilty about robbing Bash… he’s already “donated” such a nice coat, after all….

    That, or he’s nervous about moving up from general low-level junkiehood to outright B&E.

    1. generally any level junkie comes associated with stealing, breaking and entering, assault, prostitution(ha,) and a whole medley of other crimes, i doubt that the ells haven’t done all of ’em and more in their time

  11. I dunno if it’s Dr. Bash, I mean he lives in a BASEMENT. Rich as a Sultan? Nothing we have seen from him qualifies for it.

    Rich, I would say Tuesday and Curio, and Antoinette. But they’re not “a guy”.

    Admittedly, it would be awesome if it WAS Dr. Bash, but only because having the Elliots, him, and the Jakes in the same building would be like a clash of the Titans.

    1. Notice, though, that EJ is surprised to hear Biggs use the words “rich” and “Riverside” in the same sentence. We’re looking for a rich man out of place here; Bash could fit that description.

    2. WE know that cuz we’ve met the guy, Elliot hasn’t. All he’s got to go on is that jacket and whatever was left in it. Whatever it is I’m guessing it’s lead him to believe Bash is loaded (and to be fair we know for sure he was before the divorce).

    3. it’s somebody Biggs only knows of, not knows personally.
      thinking through the lesser known cast members, could it be Mesmer they are about to burgle? the Anthony? (the super) it’s not the Shens, it wouldn’t be Dr. Bash, (who robs somebody when you are wearing his coat? that’s just stupid.) could be from an address in the pocket of the coat, in which case, who do we know who knows Dr. Bash?

      who do we know who has money? (this is assuming this is a person we know already) Curio has money but lives in the wrong part of town.
      Kingdom Come is about the right location (maybe) but who lives down there?

  12. If EJ really likes you, not only will he dig through a dumpster for your crappy gun, he will also sell his body to make some cash for you.

    No idea where this boy got his ethics, but his parents probably deserve a good, hard kick to their reproductive organs.

      1. It’s how EJ says, “Let’s be together FOREVER.”

        Can’t wait for the next UStream, by the way. I need to discuss more Templar with people and no one I know in RL reads it! D:

  13. Response to Spike’s indirect twitter challenge (sorry. Saw that last tweet and was like ‘Oooooh. Scavenger hunt!)

    So what major Thing is gonna finally come into play before this arc is done?:

    1.) Ben’s pills
    2.) The weird graffiti
    3.) The Cook sticker
    4.) Whatever the hell Sunny and Moze’s involvement is with this Jakes vs. Elliots…thing is.
    5.) um…

    I dunno. I gotta go back through and read :P

  14. I’m pretty sure the list of people who’d dig through a dumpster for me is a lot longer than the list of people who’d pull the trigger on that “gun” for me.

  15. Okay, so my prediction on Shit Goin Down

    Think, what’s happening RIGHT NOW in Vol 4.

    1) The Elliots are, having gotten the wrath of the Jakes and failing to fence their gun, will try to rob Dr. Bash at his new place cause of the jacket and maybe there is a note or business card. It could be a robbery or something else, wither way, they’re going to The House.

    2) Pippi just STARTED A FIRE. What does E.J like? FIRE. (no eyebrows, impulsive temperament)

    3) This whole THING between them and Jackie is about the Jake drugs that where found and used for the Elliots’ expulsion from the Soviet and the said loss of drugs (I ..think) I Jakes don’t seem like people to forgive and forget, and they’re walking right into their house. With Apollo.

    4) The resulting panic will cause Cook Family to show up, which will create MORE panic.

    5) I don’t think Ben does panic well. I think he’s on severe anti-anxiety medication. Ben is gonna LOSE IT. Also, Feather? Not. His Friend.

    6) Sunny is FUMING somewhere. Sunny, not the picture of stabity with a one-strike-yer-out- left on his head.

    Something tells me Gene’s Ex is about to show up at the WORST MOMENT POSSIBLE.

    1. thought the deal was when Biggs had a place to live his roommate was dealing with the Jakes and selling their drugs or storehouseing them and somehow pissed off Apollo (theft? running off?) then pinned it on Biggs. (warning addict POV, he could be lying)
      some time around this Biggs loses his place to live, ends up on the streets with EJ and he’s worrying about more immediate threats then vengeful cultists uptill they come after him.

      the Elliots got tossed from the soviet for generally being legit fucked up street people, stealing, heroin and paraphernalia possession, who knows what otehr problems, but not the Jake drugs or they would’ve flipped out less at the heroin works.

      I don’t think they are off to see the good doctor, too tidy, it’s gotta be somebody else not on the main cast.
      (rest of ’em are Low People or in the wrong part of town)
      possibly somebody we don’t know or only know of, like Bo. whom I doubt has money. but Bo seems like a total Bro. but we don’t know where he lives.

      or it’s uncle Shepsesket Shen. yesssssss.

  16. So here’s what we’ve got so far:

    We’ve got Ben, our rebel protagonist. He lives in with Eli Bash, a crazy old dude, Reagan, the tough-as-nails token female, and Scipio, the respectably-dressed black guy who’s the thoughtful one of the bunch. They all live in a place called Riverside.

    Previously, when all sorts of people were swarming around, a guy soaked Ben in a foul-smelling chemical that’s supposed to attract more of that same type of guy. Now there are two additional unsavory characters heading their way: One’s a tall, skinny guy, and the other one’s a shorter guy in a hoodie (who gets set on fire sometimes).

    I guess that makes Moze and Tuesday the tank and the witch?

  17. and how. convenient. that there are jakes living right up stairs from this nice rich guy that he doesn’t know. hhhh some people, man.

    1. I think EJ’s suspicious and jealous that Biggs knows ANYONE he doesn’t know. He doesn’t like being out of Biggs’ loop about anything, and as we’ve seen, the results are not pretty.

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