Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 82

How many dangerous weapons can YOU find in the messy attic apartment? Count them all!

Also, flagrant abuse of an extinct language, here. Hope I don’t get called on it right away.

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          1. Oh sweet Jesus, you should not have done that. TVTropes nearly ended my marriage when I first found it.

    1. Well duh a spoon. Anyone who has ever watched Robin Hood knows that a spoon can be used as an instrument of torture and death. Alan Rickman said so.

      1. Like the hands of someone who knows how to beat you to death with it.

        Never underestimate blunt force trauma.

  1. In a pinch, a broken plate, mug, or lightbulb can work! …and the electrical wire connected to the lightbulb… strangulation w/ blanket…

  2. Internet says that Gamarada means “comrades” in the Cadigal language.

    From the wikipedia:

    “The occupation of the Sydney area by the British and the subsequent introduction of European diseases including smallpox decimated the Eora people and their neighbours. The disastrous 1789 smallpox epidemic is estimated to have killed about 50% of Sydney’s indigenous population, and it has been claimed that only three Cadigal people were left alive by 1791, although archaeological evidence suggests that some Cadigal people may have escaped to the Concord area and settled there.[3]”

    So did that happen or what?

    1. Part of it all depends on who took over Australia. If our sunburnt country was invaded and colonised from the north and west (it almost was, and the Chinese visited northern Australia annually to collect sea cucumbers, for instance) instead of from the Sydney Harbour region… it’s possible that the Cadigal were survivors instead of fever sufferers.

      Also it is thought now that the ones in our universe died not of smallpox but of chickenpox…. Concord is also in Sydney, so they didn’t travel far, just from the outer Harbour to the Inner Harbour, less than a day of walking.

    1. You can use it like a melon baller and scoop our little spheroids of your enemy’s brain. Seriously, what are they teaching kids these days…

  3. coffee cup, bowl, spoon, table, 2 chairs, smaller coffee table, knife, rifle, hand gun, basball bat, lamp stand, book case…. you could conceivably kill someoe with just about anything if you use your imagination =D

    1. You can conceivably kill someone with a stress ball with enough imagination. That doesn’t make it a weapon in nature, only in usage.

  4. It’s funny – before I read spike’s comment I had already noticed the abundance of dangerous things. Might have been the knife slashing across the second panel that twigged me to it. n_n

  5. the Cup – smash and slasch if glass or ceramic, sharpen and twisty stab if metal (I recently re-watched Riddick – saw that done w/ a metal cup in the prison scene)

    1. For those who don’t already know, and because Googling for Chekov will probably find you more about Pavel than Anton (whose father’s name was Pavel, actually)…

      Try searching for “Chekhov’s Gun” specifically. It refers to the notion that it’s not fair to the audience to show them a gun in Act I if that gun isn’t fired by the end of Act III.

  6. I’m shocked and appalled that nobody lists a BOOK as a deadly weapon! I have beaten someone’s ass with a paperback (held properly they’re a lot like hitting someone with a board…) so a hardback should be even better.

    Also, if there’s coffee in that cup, caffeine does horrible things to your body. Not so much a “sudden, violent, and all over the place” type of deadly though.

  7. He’s probably squatting someplace relatively off the Jakes’ radar? I GOTTA know what kind of junkie jedi magic they pulled to get away from them in the last chapter…

  8. I’m assuming that EJ is standing lookout while Biggs robs the place. Question is, where is the occupant of the apartment? There’s food in that dish on the table, which makes it seem like whoever it is hasn’t been gone long.

    Or is still there. In which case, I bet we’re about to meet Biggs’ dealer.

    1. He’s certainly looking at everything like he’s never seen it before, but besides the computer, nothing in there looks worth the trouble to rob.

      1. Dunno, he looks sad to me; sort of wistful. But the apartment doesn’t look dirty enough to be an old, abandoned squat of his- maybe it belongs to a friend, or family member? Maybe it used to?

  9. You can beat someone with (in) a video game, too. Although the chances are higher that you yourself get your butt whooped afterwards, I guess.

    …I’m GUESSING it’s a video game. It looks like some kind of old-school console with a pair of controllers.

  10. Im thinking mabe they’ve joined an extremist group to hide in, as well as to recieve their protection from Jake’s Kin.

  11. I’m guessing Biggs is waiting for a friend that he needs to ask for a favor. If he was robbing the place he wouldn’t be looking idly around. His friend is probably off-panel in another room.

    Maybe they killed Marcus (something EJ would probably do) and now Biggs needs a gun for protection and wants to borrow one.

  12. This would be the first time i’ve seen that flag in an American comic, or in anything American for that matter.
    The colours are red yellow and black. These have a great cultural signifigance to the aborinial people, because traditionally red black yellow and white were the only pigments available to them.

  13. So far the history isn’t “alternate” – non-Indigenous Australians really are living on stolen land. I suppose there aren’t enough people who care to have mug printed though, sigh…

    1. 5:33 am: McKinley makes a post.
      5:34 am: Someone hits McKinley for not praising Templar AZ.
      5:35 am: McKinley makes another post.
      For some Reasons your post gave me this vibe. No clue why and I do think that Spike deserves all the praise she gets for TAZ, before anyone begins to think otherwise.
      I’m looking forward to the history lesson, too. Especially if it’s from Bigg’s shouting mouth.

  14. I count six; knife, rifle, handgun, bat, floor lamp, and computer cables. The last two show I watch way too much CSI and NCIS. :)

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