Chapter Four: Trouble Every Day, page 67

I DID IT. A page before Comic Con!

I have to leave for the airport in four hours, guys, so I’ll keep it short.

I’ll be in San Diego for the next five days, at the San Diego Comic Con. I’ll be at table E10. Come see me.

K, bye!

22 thoughts on “Chapter Four: Trouble Every Day, page 67”

    1. Like any teenager is going to act like an adult. That guy’s dumping a bad situation. And, as an adult, let me say that if you came up to me with a rap sheet a mile long on my girlfriend, I’d drop her faster than a heated coal in my hands if there wasn’t any real connection.

  1. Scipio’s reasoning process is interesting. I feel like he’s so caught up with his nice guy idealism that he can’t understand that his entire approach is off-putting. Best luck explaining how you scared off your roommate’s company!

    1. The funny thing is – if you LISTEN to the words he’s saying, not just have your mind set up before – you understand his reasoning.
      If you want to take such a huge undetaking as righting Pippi, that’s another deal.
      And yes, poor Scip. I’m reminded of the wizards first rule:
      “From the best of intentions come the worst of disasters.”

  2. It’s so ironic that Scip loves Buddhist stuff and the wisdom that implies, but then he does something so naive like this.

  3. Does Scip have no idea how Pippi might react when she finds out he did a background check on her? And then told her boyfriend?

    1. For someone with such a big rap sheet and negative behavior, she doesn’t really deserve a say in it. Eddie learning the truth is for the best, in case Pippi were to get him involved in some bad things. And I don’t blame Eddie in the least for walking away. Scip is a great dude, but he needs to learn that not everything can be handled by coddling and giving support. Some people don’t learn anything until they realize how badly they’ve ended up sabotaging themselves. I was one of those people, and I honestly think Scip needs to head upstairs right now, throw the paper in her face and get ANGRY.

  4. I’ve gotta disagree with you kids; while it’s no argument that Scipio has been going about this in a naive and terrible way, he’s actually turning it around, through sheer persistence if nothing else.

  5. First time poster. I’ve been loving this comic for the last week or two. It is VERY excellent. I’m loving it.

    …..and has anyone noticed that we went back in time? It WAS June 20th. ;)

  6. Well, I’ve finally Caught Up. Hurrah! I have to say this is in my “Top 5 Webcomics of All Time” category. Bloody amazing. Thank you for all your time and effort. And I do have a question; were you inspired mabye just a little by the Vertigo publication Transmetropolitan? If yes, Yay for another reader of the lost goodness. If no, you Need To Read This. And so do the rest of you. That is all. And thanks for all the laughs.

    1. For some reason, I thought that was the funniest assessment of him I’ve heard yet.

      Poor guy. He just wants SO badly to believe people are good. I just want to pat him on the cheek and tell him to stick to his kung-fu shows. Go on, Scip. There’s a good fella. It’ll be okay.

      It’s been said, but, Spike, you are aces at creating likable characters. Looking forward to more!

  7. OHMAHGAW. SO EXCITED TO HAVE MET YOU, SPIKE-WHO-IS-AWESOME. I was the one with blonde and blue and red and pink hair who straightened books. You probably don’t remember me. (Also, you suggested the Victorian Murder books – I bought one. It was/is _Awesome_. )

  8. You know? Scip has the right to know who is living in his house, but this is not how you foster trust. What Pippi should be able to do right now is trust someone. I think Scip is the worst possible caretaker FOR Pippi right now. She needs a firm, no-nonsense, but caring hand–like Regan, actually. Scip is the sort of father figure she needs once she hits rock bottom and gets falls onto the clue bat.

    Pippi’s not ready for his unconditional love yet. She needs to feel like she is being judged and found worthy and THEN receive unconditional love from Scip so she knows nothing will ever be so bad again. The real tragedy here is that we can see the situation logically from the outside. What strikes me about Spike’s characters is that they are so real, you want to give them advice you probably wouldn’t take yourself!

    1. O.o Wow. Posts like yours are a large part of the reason why I read through the comments on each page. You’re good (by which I mean, wow. You’re so right).

  9. Too often people act just like that. No sympathy but loathing bordering on hatred. Sad but very real. Kudos again to this comic. Keeping it real in a parallel world.

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