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    1. Circumcision was popular back then for two reasons, hygeine and to discourage extramarital sex. Hygeine because in that area, there were too many parasites that would find uncircumcised men a fertile breeding ground. The discouragement factor comes in because circumcision deadens that area down there, makes it more difficult to enjoy yourself as a male. Keep in mind that it’s a deterrent, not a solution.

      1. Having half of the nerve endings in his penis lopped of as a tyke does not seem to have cramped Moze’s style much….

  1. I love how people here are just merely talking about circumcision instead of the fact that there is a penis there. Aha.

  2. first off, she’s way too skinny. like,unhealthily skinny.
    second, i did not want,or need to see mose’s chode

  3. Hell, yes, penis! And tits! Equal opportunity, baby.

    I love how this thread of comments started off mature and degenerated into my obvious enthusiasm for nudity.

    1. Well, most guys are when they come out of the bath/shower. It’s called “turtling” (aka- shrinkage). And it’s hard to really know “size” when “Johnson” is not in action (if ya know what I mean—LOL).

    2. Indeed. Not that I’m an overly accomplished penis connoisseur, but they do tend to vary widely in shape and size, from flaccid to erect. I’ve seen guys who were just as long when soft as when hard, and I’ve seen guys who when flaccid looked like the little roman statues with just a little nub, and then would grow about 7 times that in length and three times in girth.

      Bodies are AMAZING.

  4. So to curb people who don’t clean and may fuck people not their wives they cut the foreskin off. That may have been the stated reason but the Jews did it as a sign of who they are. Why it is called “ritual mutilation.”

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