13 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 46”

  1. People like Ray annoy me greatly…Fun to read but ugh.
    Because it’s totally his fault he’s new in town…
    Yup. Keep grinding him down, it’ll be good for him. –_–

    1. That’s just it, he’s *not* new in town. He’s been there months, but shut-in the whole time. Which is why she gets such delight in his naivety.

  2. HA! Reagan makes me laugh, pro’ly cuz I’ve known women just like her! Right down to the fashion sense, heheh.

  3. ahahaha… I thought so. Was almost certain when the doctor was all like “three?!” (to paraphrase, of course…wish I could remember what he actually said). But still..haha. I’ve been waiting for my growing suspicions to be confirmed… XD yay.

    I am SO looking forward to the ultra-super-awkwardness of Ben trying to explain to the dude what REALLY happened. Ben being Ben, I’ll bet he’ll just have to go and try to set things straight–“try” being the operative word here…

  4. The rainbow flag originally means “brotherhood/sisterhood.” Add the pink triangle with or without the Lambda ” λ ” makes them “gay.”

    I’m afraid I’m like Ben, very awkward around people especially women. Hard row to hoe that.

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