11 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 43”

  1. Reagan is considerate with Ben! So her loud, noisy personality is just something so puts on when it’s appropriate… I love her so much in these pages :)

  2. Hey, Spike? I’ve got a birthday comin’ up, and if you could, like, send me a girl who looks just like Reagan, that’d be super awesome, m’kay? Y’know, with that magic wand you’ve got?

  3. For some of us who have the red hair, pink spotted skin, and blue or green eyes if you are in the sun a lot freckles will explode all over your body trying to protect it but never quite covering it all. So it could be quite prominent on someone.

    1. yeah, until I got a laptop, my skin was like 75% freckles by area. now it’s just like 50%, but it’s still pretty prominent.

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