15 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 22”

  1. And this, right here, is why I can’t like EJ. He’s obviously scared, but the fact that he apparently has no sense of loyalty and can be this flat-out selfish just seals it for me.

    1. Point of order? He was trying to help biggs out by throwing himself into a fight just a couple minutes ago. I’m gonna hold out on summing up E.J. for a while – he’s clearly a complicated person.

  2. I’m having a hard time sympathizing with anyone in this situation. Biggs entered into an arrangement with the Jakes and has to bear that burden. EJ is stupid and manipulative. The Jakes are protecting their own, but are also a gang of thugs.

    I can empathize with Biggs’ and EJ’s fear, though.

  3. I’m beginning to think that EJ is afflicted with some kind of disorder; he acts like a little kid, only when he throws tantrums, other things get thrown around, like fists and furniture. EB might not be a saint, but EJ’s a freaking CASUALTY.

  4. EJ’s just freaking scared! He’s desperately afraid of being left alone. He’s not very street smart(or really, smart at all) but he needs somebody to take care of him. He’s pitiful, but it’s not his freaking fault- unlike Biggs. Biggs has got some merit- he helps EJ, and EJ helps him. They do what they can to get by.
    He’s making an empty threat anyway. He’s desperate- he doesn’t know the first thing about who or where or why Jakeskin are. He might be able to figure it out, but if Biggs left him, I doubt he’d do anything but cry to himself. He’s like a child, alright- doesn’t have the malice to carry out half the stuff they say they’ll do, but it’s rare somebody’ll call their bluff.

    1. Saying that he’s like a child does not mean that children aren’t capable of acting on malice. Children can have whole fuckloads of malice, because they haven’t been around long enough to realize that some of the sources of that malice don’t deserve it. Kids are capable of doing a lot of things to others simply because they feel the impulse to do so. A kid with the strength of an adult…now that’s a recipe for mayhem.

    2. The problem is, if he needs someone else to take care of him, he shouldn’t have put his foot in and tried to take care of someone else without knowing the pattern he was messing up.

  5. Hey, C. Mage, about the anology of EJ jumping off a cliff?

    This is EJ trying to share EB’s parachute,threatening to cut the lines if EB doesn’t let him ride.

  6. We don’t have to look for a good guy, here. They can all be “bad guys”, or really just normal people.

    One reason I love this story.

  7. But i DO have the same question: what IS it with this Jake´s kin ? Since i spend the last few hours reading the archive from beginning, i don´t wanna search for the first mentioning, perhaps that could enlighten me…

    1. Jake was the man who first founded the whole cult, and they took their name from him. “Jake’s kin” is kind of like “Jake’s family”.

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