4 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Trouble Every Day, page 5”

  1. To be fair, it’s unlikely that increased care regarding hookers is responsible for all the dead hookers. Contrary, even. In fact, Tuesday is one dumb bitch.

  2. Well, more about the situation needs to be resolved before a judgment can be made on a subject like that, and Tuesday is either trying to force people to face that…or she’s just trying to start something controversial to make sure her ratings stay up.

    Could go either way with Tuesday.

  3. I think the point was that there still was a lack of care for hookers. Black Mariah probably used her front to lure girls into working for her. She may have paid better, but it sounds like a pretty brutal operation. It was a cartel, which eventually led to Dove gaining enough power and influence to legalize prostitution. Basically it would’ve allowed her to legalize using girls for profit. Any improvement real improvement to paying her girls properly, was probably enforced on her operations in order to keep it legal.

    The bit about “naming one good thing” she did pretty much shows the basis of Dove’s operations. Monetize addictions in the most lucrative way possible.

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