Discussion (15)¬

  1. Boosta82 says:

    Just how tall IS that guy anyway ? He doesn’t look it when he’s around the others oddly enough.

  2. Mary says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Guy’s got to be like Peter Steele tall.

  3. pyano says:

    I dunno, I feel like the heights wobble around a little. It’s hard to estimate cuz the proportions are off.

  4. Kysec says:

    I wanna know where Scip shops. I’d about kill fer a pair of those cowboy boot/sneaker/combat boot thingies!

  5. Jake says:

    Residential ceiling height can be estimated at usually 9 feet. A doorway usually falls flat of 7′. 6′ 6″ would be a good estimate but it varies from building. So does ceiling height depending on required ceiling space and design. A commercial building such as the one portrayed is usually running 12′ floors, 9′ of space to ceiling, 3′ of ceiling space. They present a challenge to the HVAC trade because tall building have pressurization problems. The ceiling isn’t shown but I can assume it’s T-bar with fancoils if it were economical, and there’s just pipe running there. So depending on the CFM running to each SAG you could keep the duct sizes smaller before switching to rectangular. Rectangular duct frees you from the ceiling space limitation but costs significantly more. Ceiling space in TI building can run from 10-20″. I’m inclined to assume it’s an eight foot door by the picture, but it’s impractical and unrealistic given his assumed height. No door is less than 6′ 6″ generally speaking, though.

    • aro says:

      don’t know where you’re from, but standard ceiling as i’ve always known it is eight feet, which means a standard doorway of about 7’6″…

  6. Scip says:

    Dear god. Those boots. I’d kill for them

  7. FAnboyCrazyTex says:

    There seem to be a lot of us willing to do violence for a pair of those buckaroo-bovvers. Spike may have to find someone to manufacture them for her store just to prevent bloodshed.

    I’m a size 14, by the by. And I want your autograph, Spike, but not bad enough to kill for it.