13 thoughts on “03.0×085”

  1. I like her too. =)

    Then again, I tend to like all red heads. =p
    Gotta love a girl who’s comf’t’rble with female nudity. ;)

      1. ANY woman with breasts smaller than about an A cup is gonna have ribs that stick out more than her breasts, because her ribcage will be proportionate to the rest of her body, and her breasts aren’t, being smaller than those of most junior high age girls.

      2. For the record, I know this because I have said tiny breasts and gentlemen like you keep telling me to eat, because apparently my boobs aren’t big enough, so I must be anorexic.

        1. Actually, they’re probably telling you to eat because of your prominant ribs. A sign of being “too skinny”. Just sayin’.

          1. I’m 5′ 3″, 125 lbs and well within a healthy BMI. I eat plenty. Despite having large breasts and generous hips, my ribs are always visible. I have no idea why.

            What I’m saying here is that until you know more about her and her eating habits, DON’T MAKE SNAP JUDGEMENTS. She might eat nothing but steak and potatoes and just has a very high metabolism.
            She might HAVE an eating disorder but making disgusted noises and telling her to eat more is not going to help her at ALL.

            I’m sorry, this kind of thing just really irritates me.

  2. Wow. I had thought most people reading this comic would’ve been a bit more intelligent than to be like “You’re skinny and your boobs are too small, eat more!” Classy, that is.

  3. Hating on skinny people gets old. Most of ’em can’t even help the way they look, and even if they do it doesn’t automatically mean they have an eating disorder. Some people just get skinny when they work out. Some don’t. Big whoop.

    I don’t think anyone’s disgusting because their ribcage happens to show. Just like I don’t think anyone’s disgusting because their ribcage doesn’t show.

  4. Hey, people come in all shapes and sizes. No body type is better than another. So let’s stop body policing and making assumptions because of how someone looks, okay? Someone’s value != what you personally find fuckable. Can’t we complain about Tuesday’s opinions instead?

    I really love that this comic’s characters have so much variation in body types, by the way. From Reagan to Tuesday, Scip to Ben.

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