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  1. Jake says:

    Nudity is so original. She was the first to discover it, didn’t you know?

  2. Djorra says:

    Hey, I have bigger tits than that, and I’m a guy! Not even overweight, either.

    • Shairlyn says:

      Yes, she needs to eat.

      • Calandra says:

        Eating won’t get you bigger tits.

        • Catherine says:

          eating some very certain foods will.
          like there are foods for breast growth. i forget what they are.
          but no not many.

        • Jakob says:

          Eh… actually, it does. Breasts consist of fat, water and nerve ends. If your body has a large, or even basic, amount of fat, odds are your breast will be bigger. This is why real life professional sportspeople rarely have breasts bigger than a-cup: their bodies burn the fat that would otherwise have ended up on the chest. Anyway, the easiest way to gain fat is the consumption of food, so there you go.

          • aro says:

            genetics have something to do with it too. :)

            also, most women, in gaining/losing weight, gain last and lose first in the breast. damn those fat-greedy hips and thighs. ;D

          • oyog says:

            You kiddin’? Those fat-greedy hips and thighs are wonderful.

  3. Xiao Mao says:

    I really like how her breasts are drawn. All women have unique breasts, but you wouldn’t know it reading comics.

  4. redo19 says:

    freckles girl’s cuter than the naked bimbo.

  5. Grim says:

    Why is it such a big deal if she has small breasts? Why is it a bad thing?
    The comments for the last few pages have made me sick. If you want to hate on her, do so for her ideology, not for an arbitrary physical aspect over which she has no control.

    • Sarah TX says:

      Yeah, love this comic but so many of the comments are straight up ridiculous.

      • Jenny Creed says:

        Reminds me of when Australia made it illegal to act in porn movies if your breasts are too small. Let me tell ya, small tits are fantastic. They don’t get in the way, and they tend to be very attractive to some people. . .I guess that’s pretty much it.