12 thoughts on “03.0×080”

  1. Ben obviously like ’em dumb. Christ, get your eyes off the tiny tits and on the horrible political bullshit she’s spewing from her filthy mouth.

  2. Blergh, the “I have friends who are *blank*” is one of the worst arguments people try to use when they’re BS-ing.
    Besides, I think what she meant to say was “I have slept with people who are *blank*”

  3. A melding of sex and marketing of politics. Literally here. So maybe the uptightness of the Christian religions on sexual matters is far weaker here. But why is Ben sweating?

    1. If they HAVE a Christian religion in this world, it must be pretty small. I haven’t seen any sign of Christianity other than that little cross Reagan wears around her neck.

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