7 thoughts on “03.0×078”

  1. Ben is such a horrible liar and suck up. I hope off his meds he’s a complete prick, because I’m losing a lot of respect for his character.

    1. Most people try not to piss off clans of knife-wielding zealots, so I have to go with Ben on this one. What else is he going to say, “I came up here to tell you to turn down your damn music, sorry if I was eavesdropping on your conversations about murder and drug deals”? He should have stuck up to Dr. Bash though.

      1. So wait, it’s acceptable for Ben to not stand up to the knife-and-gun-wielding religious nutters, but he’s supposed to stand his ground with the clearly unstable Bash?

        1. YES! but in my opinion Ben’s character is developing quite well, he doesn’t seem as distraught as i thought he would.

        2. Yeah, no, I’m with ya on that one. He stood up to Reagan messing with him about the dildo just fine, and he had a more or less normal conversation with some people, like Scip. He told the Cook to fuck off until the guy “made a convincing argument,” which I’ll accept. But, Bash had crazy eyes, and Ben’s all of 5’5″ and I doubt he could fight the man, much less a room full of Jakes. He’s not acting like an action hero, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s not making a good choice.

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