Discussion (7)¬

  1. Zora’s ador-wable in 4th panel XD

  2. Jake says:

    Ben is such a horrible liar and suck up. I hope off his meds he’s a complete prick, because I’m losing a lot of respect for his character.

    • Dreaming Pixel says:

      Most people try not to piss off clans of knife-wielding zealots, so I have to go with Ben on this one. What else is he going to say, “I came up here to tell you to turn down your damn music, sorry if I was eavesdropping on your conversations about murder and drug deals”? He should have stuck up to Dr. Bash though.

      • Mishyana says:

        So wait, it’s acceptable for Ben to not stand up to the knife-and-gun-wielding religious nutters, but he’s supposed to stand his ground with the clearly unstable Bash?

        • Zeke says:

          YES! but in my opinion Ben’s character is developing quite well, he doesn’t seem as distraught as i thought he would.

        • Halykan says:

          Yeah, no, I’m with ya on that one. He stood up to Reagan messing with him about the dildo just fine, and he had a more or less normal conversation with some people, like Scip. He told the Cook to fuck off until the guy “made a convincing argument,” which I’ll accept. But, Bash had crazy eyes, and Ben’s all of 5’5″ and I doubt he could fight the man, much less a room full of Jakes. He’s not acting like an action hero, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s not making a good choice.

  3. Yevrah says:

    Given what we know of Feather, her face and the sweetness in that last panel is just frightening…