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  1. I’d trust a knife over that thing, haha. That is a gun that makes guns cry. Jakes don’t believe in shopping in legitimate stores even when it would be more beneficial to their cause?

    1. Compromises kill ideologies. First they’re buying a real gun to kill an enemy. Then they’re growing their hair out to fit in, to make it easier to buy guns. Then they’re (the young ones at least) questioning the very reason they’re Jake to begin with.

      1. The gun was built by them, and looks to be based on twisted rope. They’re an ideology that builds on the idea of surviving the fall of mankind, and learning from each “man.”

        Second was the man of wisdom, who created gunpowder. In that sense, as well as the fact that it’s compact, basing a weapon off of a pistol makes sense. Learning from the second man, as well as being self-sufficient.

  2. Well apocalyptic, absolutist and militant. Eager to help bring on “the fall” only not on their heads. Maybe just civilization as in neo-primitivists. As for “unnumbered” is interesting. I assume not the numbers everyone else has like Social Security. So it is something important to the cult as in a special name is a number. Anyone without such a number is suspect and not of their body politic.

    1. I suspect the reason we got that quick bit of Jake scripture was to introduce us to the roots of some of the Jake slang. When they say “unnumbered” it’s a reference to that line, about how everyone but the Jakes and their like-minded ilk will die when civilization crashes down.

    2. Exactly, Halykan. Looking back at Gene’s seizure talk, it looks to me like the “numbered” are the Jakes — Jake himself was “the first of the numbered” — and the “unnumbered” who will fall are all the rest of humanity, the non-Jakes.

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