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  1. So, if Gene is maybe 25-30 (though I’m a terrible guess at ages)… and he got too old for it ten years ago, around 15-20…
    ..when did she start asking Gene to do this?

    1. I would assume it’s a rite carried on by children who are deemed “worthy” or compatible. But most drugs in substantial quantities regularly will cripple a child’s developing brain. So I suppose, it depends on what really is in that mason’s jar.

      1. …and didn’t Raegan explain to Ben near the beginning that Gene is “stupid: not wear-a-helmet-all-the-time, stupid…”? That could very well be the brain damage you described.

        1. Earlier in the chapter, Feather mentioned that Gene’s birth was difficult and that she didn’t give in and call doctors. She mentioned his foot being blue. He may have suffered from oxygen deprivation and incurred brain damage at that point.

    1. It doesnt seem to cause any permanent physical harm. lots of present religions require much more from their followers, this just seems like a 5 min mescalito trance

      1. Not that I would call EITHER of these practices ethical, particularly considering that she’s talking about 21 years of age being when people STOP doing this – meaning that it probably starts long before the age of consent.

        1. Why is this any more dramatic than first communion? A bit more flailing, sure, but wouldn’t be out of place in certain Baptist or Pentacostal churches.

          1. Because first communion doesn’t involve drugs (there’s not enough wine used for it to mess anyone up), weird oracley prophecies or flailing

          2. Speaking in tongues and oracular flailing is absolutely part of the business at many real life Pentecostal churches. As far as the drugs, who knows – it could just be moonshine, as was implied, and that’s not a far step from a standard communion, though it was certainly enough to get him drunk.

  2. Next question what about females? When the clitorous goes down does it mean the effects are spent? Or does it happen only to males in this group?

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