Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 54

Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 54

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  1. Brian says:

    Aaaaand he got creepy really fast

  2. Boosta82 says:

    No. Just full of hate. There’s a difference. Burning them is a bit over the top though.

  3. ThunderGun says:

    I can definitely get where he’s coming from.

  4. Carl-E says:

    I love the emphasis on “THE SCIENCES”. I know exactly how he feels about his little girl.

    And, I’m afraid, about her mother.

  5. Niall says:

    This is why I drink. Not him, me.

  6. I like this guy. He knows how to deal with his terrible relationship with a gold-digger easily XD

  7. Lurkily says:


  8. Calandra says:

    Wow, that last panel…my mouth is still hanging open as I type this.

  9. Scip says:

    Fuckin’ A right man. Fuck bitches

  10. Wisakedjak says:

    I can’t help but read Dr. Bash with Hank Scorpio’s voice (homer’s bond villain boss from the simpsons)

  11. Emma says:

    Cascade Abalone made me laugh out loud

  12. Dreaming Pixel says:

    Say what you will about the last panel rant, I still think the best line on this page is “the child has been born into *circumstances* “.

    • Condorito says:

      That’s because it came from Achewood. Roast Beef (the character/cat, not the meat) came from Circumstances.

  13. xero says:

    his daughters name is CAB… man highschool must have SUCKED for her