9 thoughts on “Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 41”

  1. OK, we’ve got two extremes here, the true strength of an argument; Scip is over analysing and overreacting, and Reagan is seriously *under* reacting!

    1. How on earth is she under reacting? He’s freaking out because she’s bald? It’s just hair. It’ll grow back. And the naked thing? They’re KIDS.
      And so what if they’re kinda loopy? Better that than being a brain-washed, cubicle worker.

      1. They have knives. That’s enough to set off alarms for me, not even considering all the other weird stuff. It isn’t a good environment, and it’ll tear Zora up.

        1. Plus the whole racial categorisation and the desire to dissolve society into mush. I know I’m sounding conservative here, but these guys are clearly dangerous lunatics.

          1. If I did agree that this was a dangerous household though, and I’m not saying I do or don’t… what’s the alternative? Taking the kids away from their parents? Giving them to ‘saner’ relatives? Tossing them into what is undoubtedly an even shittier adoption system than what we have now?

        2. Why are knives the issue? I don’t see them as a problem at all. Nor the baldness. The stealing could get them in trouble with the law, however. But honestly: Just because they have a different lifestyle is no reason to go over the top.

          I mean… I find some of the things Christians do are a bit over the top, but I don’t steal the Christians children away from them with child services, then brainwash those kids into doing things the way I do them. I have to accept that their lifestyle and values are different to mine. So long as they are living within the law, surely it’s none of anyones business what is going on? What Scip needs to do is research what the Jakes do/say/believe. He needs to educate himself. Then he will know if what they are teaching their young’uns is okay, or evil.

  2. Scip is making that face again. I haven’t come up with exactly the right name for that expression, unless it is simply the living embodiment of self-righteousness.

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