16 thoughts on “Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 38”

          1. Learning curve’s pretty steep with a knife. Cut in the wrong place, kid’s a cooling little slab of meat in five minutes flat…

    1. Being dangerous lunatics who obviously have no business so much as being near children, though…

      I mean, they’re brewing illegal alcohol, running around with meat cleavers, spouting deranged ideologies. Hell, the refusal to seek actual medical attention in an emergency is bad enough. Children die in situations like that. A lot. We see it with the Cult of Christian Science quite a bit. Jake’s kin would be no different.

  1. I dunno, I grew up around knives and tools. I don’t stab people and I’ve never had worse than a cut finger here or there. I think if you’re taught how to handle them young, as long as there’s an emphasis on “don’t be a fucking moron, you’ll put your eye out”, then…what’s the problem?

    Although, obviously these people are slightly unhinged.

  2. I’m on Scip’s side. I don’t want Zora to be in a house like that, not to mention any of the others.

    You know, though, even though I don’t like the Jakes, I really do envy them. They’re clan might be really, really messed up, but at least they have something that they completely belong to.

  3. If you are doing something you can’t afford people to find out about you doing, that might be an indication you should not be doing that. If everything’s Jake with the Jakeskin, they shouldn’t be worried about being examined by child protective services.

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