7 thoughts on “Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 5”

  1. Mmm, maybe not. There’ve been times when I needed to write a note to my mum cus I knew she’d be pissed about something and demand an explanation, but I knew my dad would just be kinda ok with whatever decision I made. It just kinda seems like dad’s in general are more ok with with their kids making decisions that haven’t been pre-ratified than moms are. Maybe that’s just my thinking, though.

    1. I’d write the note to my mum, BECAUSE she’s the more understanding one. You want to leave the note to the one that’ll read it, not the one whose response would be to tear it into little pieces and burn it, so I’d be more inclined to go with the daddy issues here…

  2. No, I think he just left tihe seattle stuff around to lead them on the wrong track.

    (Sorry I know this is like a million years after it was posted, but I haven’t read this far yet. Yay for archive Binge!)

  3. Living in Portland flashback, running away, will land in AZ, the Seattle stuff may be his original destination intention or could be misdirection as comments have suggested.

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