6 thoughts on “Chapter 3: And a Stick to Beat the Devil With, page 3”

  1. Hmm… he’s sleepless… and thinking about Seattle…

    I wish I could think of a culture-related pun for that.

  2. Just reading through for the first time. Could be he’s sneaking BACK, in the present, trying to misdirect pursuit. Several of those hiding places are in plain sight. While there’s an old saying about the best hiding places, the same clue hiding in plain sight over and over again is just stupid.

    Hiding something in plain sight requires more misdirection than that.

  3. Man… I miss Seattle… Six more months and I can return!!

    Now onto the comic. I’m loving it, especially Gene. Though I am still a lil confused about what is going on in this town, but I’m sure all will become clear soon… ish.

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