9 thoughts on “02.0×124”

  1. Whilst we’re all gushing, I’ll add mine.

    Nice to see a comic that’s not feared to be black’n’white in this guady age. Fantastic writing too, really real characters, nice plots all round great, certainly my fave webcomic atm.

  2. The lines are clean, crisp and well defined. The expressions are killer, and the characters themselves are exceptional.

    It is the dialogue, however, that moves this comic from really good to great.

  3. You’ve been told repeatedly how great your characters are and your storyline and the depth of emotion that comes through your art. I don’t think need to say what’s been said already. I don’t think anyone has mentioned how wonderful the colors you use are. warm greyish brown. same color as baking cocoa. delicious. Your style reminds me of Jeff Smith.

  4. I’d like to point out what really impressed me: the depth of your setting. The world you’ve created is consistent and real down to the smallest book title or passing reference to an organization, completely believable, alive and breathing. And yet, it is just ludicrous enough to chafe our own complacency living in our world, and see, by contrast, that real life is just as ludicrous and illogical as Templar, Arizona.

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