11 thoughts on “02.0×122”

  1. The “Lovable” trait. +20 points. Never fear the outdoors ro lunatics again. Don’t go near your grandma though. No coming back from that.

      1. Fallout traits only cost a single point each. “+20 points” looks more like a GURPS reference or some other Pen-and-Paper system.

        1. Good catch on the GURPS, yeah. They’re typically written exactly that way. Loving the Neuromancer name drop, btw, ‘wintermute.’

  2. No way! Ben is “The Nexus”!
    The Nexus is someone with the rare gift of connecting different worlds together!
    Nobody knows where the Gift comes from, but when it manifests itself, everyone realizes the truth.

    1. A spent a few months with a Nexus, once. Terrifying, amazing, and educational. It’s the kind of thing that you want to be around, until it’s too much. And then, if you’re like me and are more curious than cautious, you keep going.

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