12 thoughts on “02.0×084”

  1. I think for Curio, lying about who she is, is her or a major part of it. I bet a lot of people would get along with her if she just tried to be herself.

    If she even knows what herself is, that is.

  2. You know… if he is using his name in the newspapers, his real name, it couldn’t be too hard for his parents to find him.

    1. yeah: his name is in the newspaper, behind the ads, in templar, arizona. which is presumably at least in a different state than where his parents live. maybe not, but still…

        1. He says he’s from Yakima, which is in the state of Washington. If you drink beer, you should know and love Yakima, it’s where many great hops are grown. Yum. Now I want a beer.

  3. I apologize in advance for this joke/ statement, but he’s in a perfect position to motorboat. And I know I’m not the only one who noticed.

  4. Her rack’s almost as big as his head!

    I bet he’d love to get lost in those, cause I totally would.
    And I would keep the lights on for her. ;D

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