15 thoughts on “02.0×072”

  1. Oh come now, don’t fuck with Gene. Who was it who said in the comments a while back that Gene’s the most sane person in this whole comic? It’s quite true, from what I can see.

    1. That was Rabbit, I believe.

      And to paraphrase another rabbit, “He don’t know Gene very well, do he, folks?”

  2. My favorite part about this page is how Mose managed to say the name of his band with the arch and decal. It’s hard to imagine how that would sound but I’m sure that crazy egyptian could manage.

  3. When Nietzsche spoke of “blond beasts”΅ is wasn’t just Nordics. He was referring to lions who the kinds of people he despised acted like. The Nobles. His übermensch was more like Goethe not some proto-Nazi-Viking.

    ΅-If lions were black he would have spoken of the “black beasts” and someone would have said he was talking about dark skinned people.

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