32 thoughts on “02.0×059”

  1. I really want to get ‘Let the Cock of Science Fuck You!’ on a T-shirt. I’ve a gay buddy who just finished his Microbiology PHD, he’d love that shit.

  2. Damn. I want to get a ton of those things and send them to all my relatives for Christmas with “Let the cock of science fuck you” written in the cards.

  3. I want a t-shirt of the last panel too. This is probably the best strip I’ve read so far. *Keeps reading*

  4. …I’m seeing greeting cards, with the last panel on them — except, the dialogue-bubbles are blank, so you can write there.

    Perfect for attatching to gifts! Only horrible to people who know what was originally in the bubbles!

  5. I knew it…
    It’s so obvious now.
    This was a clever ruse to get the bodyguard to leave the building.
    What will happen now?
    Click the “Next >” link to find out, maybe.

  6. THis will be, forever, THE best page of your comic…pending another great page that is sure to come out of the mind of Spikey-Spikeykins…Oh yes…

    *tells the line to all my friends while holding my less-awesome-than-Vlad vibrator..*

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