8 thoughts on “02.0×044”

  1. American Eagle. And I’m trying to see an eagle on the label, and totally failing. No, friends, what we have here is a flame.

    American Eagle brand Firewater. In what appears to be a plastic bottle. Priceless.

      1. Which makes it even better considering that Screaming Eagle is one of the most ridiculously expensive and hard to acquire ‘cult’ wines in real-world Napa Valley.

    1. If u look that the bottle right side up, the eagle is facing the right and is angry cawing at the sky plus it looks more like a pigeon :\ i like it :3

  2. Scip wants Ben to be nice to Pippi, but everyone who is nice to her ends up in trouble? And Scip doesn’t realize the irony of that at all.

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