12 thoughts on “02.0×035”

  1. HAHAHAHA~!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “How’s that whole chicken thing working for ya?”


    The penis disintegration dream. lol

    To be honest when i first started reading the comic I didn’t think I would enjoy it. I mostly started reading it because I was tired of waiting for Goblins and Looking for Group to update.
    But this is hilarious! And Intriguing!
    It’s definetly a worthwhile read. ^_^

    lol. pretty chicken!. XD

  2. Man, considering the women we’ve seen in Scip’s life so far, I am not surprised that he has dreams of his penis leaving. Just sayin’.

  3. Other than the penis disintegration this is pretty much exactly how I talk to all of my animals. Spike is a master of dialogue.

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