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  1. Yes. Just… yes. I know people like this. “I’m not interested in finding a solution, I’m interested in whining until someone makes the problem go away for me.”

    1. I resent AND resemble your comment about the G.E.D. I was forced to get one because I couldn’t graduate High School due to my missing out on ONE health credit that my school would not let me make up. SOME of us get our G.E.D. for legitimate HONEST reasons. Your blanket attack on the G.E.D. is a regurgitation of the ignorant attitudes of people who don’t know and don’t care what it’s like to not fit into the cookie cutter world of High School. Finding a Job when you have nothing but your G.E.D. is hell enough without people adding to the blanket stereotype that having a G.E.D. somehow makes you LESS than a High School Graduate.

      I will admit that there are people who use the G.E.D. system as an excuse to not try and abuse the hell out of it. Simply because some people choose to abuse a thing that does not mean that everybody does. Also as one who has taken the G.E.D I can tell you that the testing is roughly equivalent to a Final Exam from High School. C. Mage though I doubt you will read this comment do TRY and think before giving an empty blanket statement on how something is oh so terrible.

      1. My apologies, but that’s what they called it where I grew up, and the standards for it weren’t that high. Being in a family where overachieving was considered to be the standard, I never knew enough about the GED or what kind of conditions were required to make that an option. I’m sorry that I offended you, but I was making a statment about the GED itself, not about the people who take it.

    2. I have a friend who has a GED because his mentally ill father basically kidnapped him when he was in eighth grade and he didn’t get to go to high school. He was a bit busy being homeless. He got his GED as quickly as his state would let him and has a genius-level IQ. I can guarantee you he’s as well educated as any high school graduate.

  2. Even though the statistics show that the higher you are educated in our system the more you should make. But these days in the time of Depression it isn’t automatic any more. So many in this country with high level education and job skills working in poor paying service jobs. A pitiful position the rich have put us in.

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