12 thoughts on “02.0×011”

  1. If there was a shirt of that last panel, I would wear it, and not even the Sincerists could make me regret it.

    1. I know, God! helping people? building homes for the homeless? what the hell is wrong with these people.

      Not that I know if they don’t turn out to nutjobs in the end. I’m only this far in the archive.

      1. I dunno; it kind of sounds like Barnabas was urging them to start riots or something to “reclaim” King Street and such. Like “violence is okay, because it is the right course of action for us” sort of idea.

        ‘Course, I’m only this far into the archive too, so.

  2. I like how pretty much her entire thought process is summed up in four words:
    “That’s what Barnabas says.”

  3. The greatest evils will always be perpetrated not by evil people, but by good people with foolish ideas and the true believers who gather beneath their banners. Numbers would murder in the name of Barney John and Reclamation.

    It makes me wonder what banner the Cook Family marches under….

    1. The banner of the Cooks is “Individualism Over All”. They disrupt herds but seem to relate to people well enough one-on-one.

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